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The system cannot find the file specified. I have a problem.. Disconnect ; if server! Well, if it was for winforms, i would agree that winforms sucks, they got a lot of bugs and so on, so i would choose a commercial SCADA too. Mesta Thanx a lot for all your tutorials.


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OpcNetApi.dll | Classic OPC: DA, A&E, HDA, XML-DA, etc. | Forum

Basically you just need to install the redistributables from opcfoundation website. I have one more question. ServerHandle ,this line does give an error while writing. Derek Heiser July 24, at To solve this opcnetzpi.dll I need to copy the dll files OpcRcw.


Opcnehapi.dll the sample code Also you can download the sample application from GitHub. Sign up using Email and Password. Hi, Mesta, Great video. You can use RsLinx Opc test client to browse the items and items name. CreateSubscription subscriptionState ; Opc.

Hi, Mesta, thanks for the suggestion.


Eventualmente prova a spostare la connessione al server quando apri al pagina e a disconnetterti quando la chiudi. To solve the problem, please uninstall the OPC core components if they are already installed and then reinstall them.


Also you have to be sure that you are sending the correct bytes size, for example C int is 32bit maps to Rockwell DINT that is 32 bit. URL scadaUrl ; scadaServer. The 3 dlls that i provide are not the latest version, but they works and the only purpose of adding them was to give a working example. Net they already olcnetapi.dll drivers and so on. I had copy the dll files OpcRcw. CreateSubscription groupState ; Add items: Or maybe you can search your other pc where those files are included and install the same program.

The problem is not if my client works, because my client is a standard client, but it is how to configure DCOM services to go through internet. But overall, nice app!

Ho creato un sito Asp. At the bottom of the post there is a link to the code to communicate with the Twincat Plc with the same libraries, and if you watch it just changes the names to access variables.

WPF and C# with PLC.: OPC Client c# .Net Sample (RSLinx OPC server)

Mi pare che vada bene. Opcnetapi.dol configure my firewall, DCOM settings etc and only in made it with a test client in my other computer.


Check if this post helps you, or try to google the error for an answer. Do you know what difference does it introduce if set “true”?

I haven’t personally switched over to the newer library yet, but this is a break down of how to use OpcNetApi. Factorynew Opc. Nuno October 17, at There is an example on the bottom of this comments. Quando clicchi la callback arriva istantanea perche’ il server te la manda subito. Hi i will try to execute your example and i get an execution time error: I am not paid member of the OPC Foundation.


After you browse the items, you know the exact address and you can add them. Can you help me please?