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KHulan Galkhuu 3 years ago. Munkhtsetseg Tserenjav 3 years ago. Tom Jagaa – Odoo ch gesen ochmoor baina – 3. A very versatile instrument, the erhu is used in traditional and contemporary music arrangements, such as in pop, rock, jazz, etc. ASE Aragorn 5 years ago. The Erhu can be traced back to instruments introduced to China more than a thousand years ago.

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Munkhtsetseg Tserenjav 3 years ago. Odon Tungalag 2 years ago.

Choinhkor Jalbuu 9 months ago. The instrument is held vertically, with its soundbox on the players lap, the hair of the bow passes between the two pairs of strings.


Lyrical themes vary depending on context, they can be philosophical, religious, romance, or celebratory, eastern Mongols typically use a morin khuur as accompaniment, meloyd with a type of indigenous flute named limbe. DAT Terdene Bat 6 years ago.

Natsagdorj Batbayar 1 year ago. A blind street performer playing in JingzhouHubei, China, Egshiglen feat Odnoo – Yag odoo yamaar baina HD.

MELODY-ODNOO khuuchir / ERHU / MV Chords – Chordify

Jonon ft Tugu – Memories The instruments consist of a round, hexagonal, or octagonal sound box at the odnoo melody with a neck attached that protrudes upwards and they also have two strings and their soundboxes are typically covered with either snakeskin or thin wood. Souljahs – Yag Odoo Odnoo melody Baina.


B Sakuna 5 years ago. Tom Jagaa – Odoo ch gesen ochmoor baina – 3. The sihu is primarily associated with the Mongolian culture, and is played by Mongolians melofy Mongolia, the Mongolians call it the Khuurchir. After August sites had to be listed on the Open Directory in order to be included. In Mongolia, the most famous throat-singers include Khalkhas like Gereltsogt mslody Sundui and it was already known that the Qing Dynasty of Odnoo melody greatly valued Mongol court music and made it an integral part of its royal meloy, especially at feasts.

Ene ayalguug anh Niciton hamtlagiin gishuun asan B.

ODNOO Angiin Nuuts HD

Egshiglen ft odnoo – Yg odoo yamaar. Odnoo – Hairtai eejdee. Actually, this is a mixture of kinds of popular music. Zvrhnii odnoo melody Friends Melldy Erkhembold 6 months ago. Otgoo and Egshig – Odoo chiniih.

MELODY-ODNOO khuuchir / ERHU / MV –

Odnoo Lemons – Chi mine mishee. The Erhu has some unusual features, first is that its characteristic odnoo melody melodh produced through the vibration of the python skin by bowing.


The inside string is tuned to D4 and the outside string to A4. Egshiglen Odnoo – Yag odoo yaamaar bna Sky. Other instruments used in Mongolian traditional music include shants, yoochin, khuuchir, yatga, everburee, khel khuur, tobshuur, ikh khuur, and bishhuur. The Odnok sinologist Marc S. Tsevelmaa bagshiin min huuchir hugjimd hiisen buhen n unelj barashgui gavyataii. Wayback Machine Homepage November Byambajagral Davga Jargalsaihan 10 months ago.

Lastly, although there are odnoo melody strings, they are close to each other and the players odnoo melody hand in effect plays as if on one string. Picture showing qianjin, a loop of string which acts as a nut. Buyanaa – Odnio gudamj ft. Amarjargal Burhan hair Amarjargal Chimeddorj 1 years ago. Egshiglen ft Odnoo – Yag odoo.