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It’s just that easy! The Main Menu Screen using the Fade option. Select 1 of the 6 available theme slots. Hot free themes for Nokia N FreeWallPapers 11 Jun There are 12 templates choices.

nokia n79 theme diy

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Using the Fade option for the menu screen background usually helps, but thems is no fade option for the standby or music player background.

Nokia N82 is alternative phone that need ambiance blustered. Images are chosen from the Images folder and any sub-folders in the phone’s internal memory. After save, we will jump tot the default [Theme] application, where you will find you newly created theme there.

nokia n79 theme diy

Zahid hossain 2 Dec 12 Very nice one. Obviously there’s an ease of use question, templates are much much easier than manipulating several different font colours, but it would have been nice to have the option there for advanced users.

At the back, the camera lens is securely concealed behind a slide down cover which is as well used to begin it. The FM transmitter might as well play a allotment at this time although with the N82 estimate 30 euro fewer, we may as well performance it tetragon. However, despite its limitations, Theme DIY is still an improvement: Download free Nokia N79 themes. Downloadable mobile theme for NokiaN Landscapes – Places Select 1 of the 6 available theme slots.


nokia n79 theme diy

The main problem with any kind of computer wallpaper is text brightness, and as you can see above Theme DIY’s themes are no exception. Of course, much of the responsibility for choosing an appropriate image lies with the user, but Theme DIY’s Templates system forces you to choose a single text brightness. The thumbnail selection screen is also a far more memorable and intuitive way tbeme browsing themes than the bare list of names that S60 presents us with. The customisation options are still very limited, essentially just choosing from a set of six fixed colour schemes, choosing two wallpapers for the menu and music player and adding a ringtone.

You can choose theme template, theme name, background images, ring tone etc.

Preview the final output before you save. I like the accelerometer, which is one of the amplified completings I’ve seen.

Nokia N79 Themes

Once it’s saved, Theme DIY automatically offers to open the standard S60 Themes menu so you can activate the new theme immediately. Amongst the LCD and number pad is a moderately big area arranged over to thene switchs. When all settings are made, you can save the theme now. Pick any photo, choose from 12 theme templates, store up to 6 personalized themes, and bring a new look on your phone instantly. So theke can read menu text easier.


Having the same shape reason and almost equal set of features the just comparison amongst it and the cell is the somewhat better display with OLED nookia light emitting diode technology. This is peculiarly maddening whenever you think that the room for the oft useless front VGA Video Graphics Array camera could have been used to expand the LCD still now 0.

Xoro Newar Ko 18 Apr 15 nice. All is done in a few minutes!

Free Theme DIY Nokia N79 Apps – Mobiles24

This option lets you blur or lighten the main wallpaper when you’re on the menu thme, or leave it untouched. It’s really a must-have for every S60 phones. The first thing a lot of people do when they get a computer with a graphical front end is to mess around with how it looks. Graphics and prints are beyond doubt clear deadened straight sunbeam, and in the shady, the LCD appears immense. Cartoon – Animation The options available are: The name jokia appears on the S60 themes menu.

nokia n79 theme diy

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