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Netscape Strong Encryption Eligibility Netscape Browser software contains encryption technology that is subject to the U. Since we are an archive site, Netscape 6 is avalable here. Currently, Netscape Communicator is available for download in English only. These security fixes included in Mozilla Firefox 2. Documentation from Netscape is also provided in English only. Download and installation help. Netscape Browser Archive Main page , please use this page as main enterance page.

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Netscape easily held off Microsoft’s challenge and remained the number one browser for the time being. Since we are an archive site, Netscape 6 is avalable in Netscape 6, 7 section. You can also manage your own search engines on the top right and add all sorts of Mozilla extensions.

Stand-alone browser based on Mozilla Firefox 2, total re-write from Netscape 8. The highest version in this line was 3. Netscape Navigator was the name of Netscape’s web netscape navigator version 4.78 from versions 1. Free Download for Windows. Looking for those earlier version of killer applications that helped bring the WWW to everyone? Netscape 8 does not contain an e-mail client, and we do not consider this is a direct replacement for Netscape 7.


Export Administration Regulations and other U.

Netscape (web browser)

Retrieved from ” https: This section describes methods for starting Netscape Communicator from the command line, from within CDE, and from within the OpenWindows environment. Added Netscape Toolbar and table editing in Composer. Read release notes Sep Archived from the original on May 29, The browser was originally called “Navigator”, although people called it “Netscape”, and the suite is called Communicator.

John Goerzen Mark P. Downloading Help Most recent versions of Netscape are quite large and would take a long time to netscape navigator version 4.78, however the connection might not be perfect at all times.

Read release notes Aug Complete Install includes all components from Base Install and extra multimedia applications e. Netscape Communicator software 4. Netscape 6 Netscape 6 is generally considered as premature product, Netscape 7 is a better choice for stability and much better standard support. Download it only out veersion curiosity. Included Sidebar, customisable installer size, integrated search, themes, privacy protection and multiple e-mail accounts.

In the Solaris 8 Operating Environment, the default browser is Netscape 4.

Netscape Navigator – Download

SillyDog’s Netscape Knowledge Base is also available. The first beta release versions of the browser was released in and known as Mosaic and then Mosaic Netscape until a legal challenge from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications makers of NCSA Mosaicwhich many of Netscape’s founders had spent time developingled to the name change to Netscape Navigator.


Its features were said to include newsfeed support and become more integrated with the Propeller Internet portal, [15] alongside more enhanced methods of discussion, submission and voting on web pages. Read release notes Jun Here you will find one of the largest consolidated archives on the web netscape navigator version 4.78 free downloading Netscape browser software. Ending support for Netscape essentially means this version will slowly turn into a museum piece.

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla sets the benchmark for free web browsers. It is the best navigator i knowed. This release is not a full Internet suite as before, but is solely a web browser. Netscape began by trying to make the Internet easy to use.