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Apple elegantly solved this issue, and Nenonode should, too. Snapshots were of similar quality. To close an application entirely, you do a diagonal swipe from upper right to lower left. But while those camera powerpacks are replaceable and to some extent standardized, it looks like you’ll have to replace the entire backside of the N2 if the battery dies. We captured the below pictures from a video on the Neonode site. There are no green and red buttons.

neonode n2 themes

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Below are a few of the tbemes options: However, play with it for just a few minutes and all falls into place and makes sense.

Nenoode basic set of applications remains unchanged. And neonoxe huge catalog will help you to choose only the best. You can also click “My Computer” on the desktop or notebook the N2 is connected to and then select “Mobile Device.

When you’re done, swipe left to hang up. Both the N1 and the N2 have physical four-way navigation in addition to the touch screen. So the N2 is quite different from the N1, but some say not different enough. It nn2 pixels wide and pixels tall.

Display lets you customize the Status Screen; select Themes; set backlight level and duration; show or hide Menu descriptions; show or hide gesture hints; and set the KeyLock timeout. Everything is saved on a standard miniSD card, and you can stick in any size card.


NeoNode N2 themes – free download

It immediately makes it clear what an application does instead of having to first interpret the icon, and it is especially helpful in submenus. Using the phone The N2 is, of course, foremost a phone, and a pretty good one. A standard numeric keypad shows up.

neonode n2 themes

Anyway, place the N1 and N2 side by side, and it’s immediately clear that the N2 is a far more advanced design. Subsequent program screens can be selected via tabs along the top of the screen. When you dial a number, type, or provide other input, the phone provides a tiny vibrating feedback to tell you that it registered neonlde touch. You’re not locked in like iPhone customers. All for NeoNode N2. NeoMagic very much believes in a great future for neonove phones and aims to cover that market with high performance application processor chips that run on very little battery power.

Apart themea the display getting crunched by force, I can’t see the N2 getting damaged or broken in everyday handling. The fourth one shows the standard keyboard that is used for phone calls and data entry.

Horizontal swipes Horizontally, the Neonode’s display is divided into three areas.

neonode n2 themes

You won’t be bored anymore with the old theme! You can’t write or draw on the N2’s screen with a stylus. Instead, Neonode has a long-standing relationship with NeoMagic Corporation the similarity in names is totally coincidentala semiconductor company headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

The Start menu The N2’s opening screen shows a red-glowing Neonode icon on a dark screen.


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At the screensaver’s page to your attention will be presented a few more screenshots of the theme so you will be able to consider all the details of interface design. To view all themes for NeoNode N2, click here:. However, whereas what you saw on the N1 was pretty much real-time, the N2’s display becomes blurry and falls way behind when you move the camera. Selecting may either toggle between values noenode bring up another screen with a list.

Free Neonode N2 Themes & Wallpapers & Skins Downloads

Download any NeoNode N2 theme without any payments! To view the Windows Embedded CE 6.

neonode n2 themes

To close an application entirely, you do a diagonal swipe from upper right to lower left. In Phone mode, swiping right brings up Contacts either as icons or as a list of tehmes. I am sure in legal terms the respective intellectual property has been respected by all, but it must be vexing to see Apple essentially claim ownership of concepts the Neonode phone has been using for at least five years.