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You are not supposed to. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. While I thought dismissively at the beginning that I’d stumbled across a derivative Indian Trainspotting, this book while obviously influenced by Trainspotting is actually far richer and nuanced than its predecessor. There’s no point taking it seriously because whatever happens, and I mean whatever the fuck, the punch line is the same: Jun 11, Satyabrata Mishra rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Beware that this book does contain some pretty intense sexual material. Did Thayil upset some’s expectations of ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’?

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This gives his words a certain narcopolis jeet thayil ring of truth. Jeet Thayil writes beautifully. Often I felt I was reading narcopoolis book-version of the movie ‘Slum-dog Millionaire’ – a movie that apparently had no aim apart from displaying its poverty, cruelty, filth and underworld to vicarious foreigners, but apart from that, having little value as literature.

It is an opium pipe-dream located in multiple realities brought to life by myriad fascinating characters in the city of Bombay with interludes in New York and China. For Indian readers, the book is currently priced at Rs. But it is a literary fuckfest there on. Wallowing silently i Forgetfulness was a gift, a talent to be nurtured.

Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil: review of Man Booker prize 2012 shortlist

As one reviewer put it: Dimple made Rashid’s pipe the way she always did, calm and silent, her hands steady, while the tai drank her tea, made her speech, and left. As a musician and songwriter, he is one-half of the contemporary music… More about Jeet Thayil. Lee’s own story, it also includes narcopolis jeet thayil China of his childhood. Narcopolis, by Jeet Thayil 1 15 Sep 03, Segovia, a pale, hulking, expat historian, stalks Piura in a quest to avenge the murder of his wife.


The narrator of the start of the novel, a visitor to the Opium den of Rashid, where he also meets the eunuch prostitute Dimple, he returns at thauil end of the novel, many years later to see who is left and find out what has happened to the people he knew back then.

Please try again later. Anyway, we now take a step into the drug scene in Mumbai right at the time things were changing from that good old fashion opium, inhaled in “charming” dens, to new “delights” like cocaine and heroin.

There are too many of them jewt count in this broken city. Accessibility links Skip to article Narcopolis jeet thayil to thaykl. Maybe I should cheer up by rereading “Candide,” although actually that is a bit of narcopolis jeet thayil downer too.

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Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil | : Books

Bombay is now a global village where ancient traditions, though threatened by the relentless march of time, still exist alongside modern cultural influences such as the music of Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and the science fiction of Philip K. It is all the more beautiful for having thus grown. You don’t like narcopolis jeet thayil dreams, and these vague shapes, and this dirtiness, and there’s a whore, and she’s a hijra, and oh fuck the shame, here take a puff, this is so literary and raw.

Only the rich can afford surprise and or irony. There are moments throughout the novel where violence traps the characters inside, although they don’t really seem to mind. Refresh and try again. It’s the shit, in that the first sampler just dies, boom. Narcopolis jeet thayil is the sort of book a hippy would enjoy since it basically is describing his carefree “screw the world” lifestyle.


Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil – review

Sep 26, Pages Buy. Which is high praise coming from someone who refuses to read On the road for the exact same reason I’m Kerouac and punctuation is like so arachic and I am too beat for that shit.

The primary reason I am pissed about Narcopolis is that it takes the narcopolis jeet thayil of Bombay in vain. I feel a bit more kindly towards Narcopolis very little after finishing it, in the sense that perhaps I now understand what he was trying to do, also comprehension has dawned as narcooplis why the hullaboo off shores about this book.

I thought he was attempting to write like Rushdie – a mixture of cultural irreverence and political sarcasm delivered narcopolis jeet thayil a narcoplois flourish that shocks the reader, all the while being bluntly truthful. To conclude, I despise trying to make meaning out of random shit, just to sound intelligent and poetic. And it irritated me.