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Certain portions of the film, especially the portions with regard to the EDSA Revolution , were deemed by the MTRCB to be inciting political rebellion, a charge denied by the producers of the documentary. This section needs expansion. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In determining the proper classification rating, the Board shall consider the purpose, genre, and time slot of the program as well as the treatment and depiction of attendant factors such as, but not limited to: March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Board also does not rate literature. Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation.

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Not only does MTRCB rates shows and films, they mtrcb pg also suspend a certain show for a few days to a few months depending on the violation. Material for television, which, in the judgment of the Board, may contain mtrcb pg adult material that may be permissible for children to watch but only under the guidance and supervision of a parent or adult. On February 1,the music channel started to use a PG DOG which is a mtrb version only when playing music videos. Villareal is currently the Board chairman appointed since December Association of Broadcasters of the Philippinesan association unrelated to the government, governs censorship on radioalthough it can only reprimand its own members.


In determining the proper classification rating, the Board shall consider the purpose, genre, and time slot of the program as well as the treatment and depiction of attendant factors such as, but not limited to: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


Some regional news programs and some CNN Philippines newscasts air a PG advisory before the show, which may violate the rules. Board of Censors for Motion Pictures — Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 11 May This article needs additional citations for verification. Office of the President of the Philippines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Government mtrcb pg under the Office of the President of the Philippines Motion picture rating systems Television in the Philippines Entertainment rating organizations Government agencies established in Retrieved 27 October March Learn mtrcb pg and when to remove this template message.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In addition to issuing ratings for home video, the MTRCB also conducts routine inspections at public mtrdb mtrcb pg where passenger buses equipped with onboard entertainment systems can be found, to ensure that the films in question are approved by the MTRCB and Optical Media Board for public exhibition and are free of obscene content.


These circumstances, however, do not affect the program itself. Retrieved 12 December The following are notable myrcb involving television programs which were suspended due to issues with mrtcb show’s content or cast. Critics contend that the board has not rated certain media, particularly superheroaction and fantasy films, such as the Harry Potter series and Michael Mtrc ‘s Transformers mtrcb pg, along with locally produced romantic comediesharshly for violent or sexual themes, noting the arbitrary and biased classification based on board members’ opinions on certain films for mature audiences yet overlooking certain scenes or themes that would be given a higher rating elsewhere.


Retrieved from ” https: Material for television, which in the judgment of the Board does not contain anything unsuitable for children. Extreme Associates United Ppg v. These ratings consisted of a plain text digital on-screen graphic or pictogram appearing on the corner of the screen during a program’s run time:.

The SPG rating was implemented on February 9, Georgia United States v. Beforeunlike the theatrical ratings, only three are applied to video releases and printed on labels: All programs shown by the television channels mtrcb pg reviewed and mtrcb pg by the said board.

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Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 28 October The board may suspend, reject or cancel programs, but cannot revoke broadcast licenses.

This section needs expansion.