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The advantages of using vectorization are observed for all the platforms. Idea of block decomposition: All these features have a significant impact on the sustained performance. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This program allows you to edit almost anything from your challenges, perks, killstreaks, medals, etc.

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In contrast to these researches, where only regular or homogeneous stencils codes were ported to the Intel MIC architecture, a much more complex case of heterogeneous stencils is considered in this paper.

In consequence, all the chunks are still expanded by their halo areas, but only some portions of these chunks are computed within the current block. In these computations, each point in a data grid is updated based on its neighbours [ 9 mpdata editor 2 according to a fixed rule.

Submitter iBotPeaches View other files from this member. The starting point of the proposed block decomposition is applying the loop tiling technique for the original version of the MPDATA code.

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Thus, blocks have to be extended by adequate halo areas. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded.

To provide load balancing, we distinguish 4 teams with 8 cores each, and 4 teams with 7 cores each. Abstract The multidimensional positive definite advection transport algorithm MPDATA belongs to the group of nonoscillatory forward-in-time algorithms and performs a sequence of stencil computations.

It allows us to ease the memory and communication bounds and better exploit the floating point efficiency of target computing platforms. The structure of MPDATA consists of a set of heterogeneous stencils, where each stencil may depend on one or more others. A summary of key features of tested platforms is shown in Table 1. This paper mpdata editor 2 an extended version of work presented in [ 112 ]. The prime assumption here is to reduce a saturation of the main memory traffic.


The final performance gain for the proposed adaptation will be revealed when the computations for all the MPDATA stages will be programmed.

These advantages are achieved at mpdata editor 2 cost of some extra computations performed by teams. These cores support four-way hyperthreading, which gives more than logical cores. The stages depend on each other, where outcomes from prior stages are usually input data for the subsequent computations Figure 1.

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In this paper, we observe a similar problem and propose how to solve it mpdata editor 2 MPDATA heterogeneous stencil computations. The other important feature is a suitable selection of the block size, number of teams, number of threads per core, and an adequate thread placement onto physical cores. In consequence, a significant traffic to the main memory is generated. The performance comparison of all the platforms is shown in Figure 7.

This is mainly due to the fact that each stage is still characterized by a relatively small arithmetic intensity ratio, and the main memory traffic associated with exitor computations is not reduced. The main advantage of these accelerators is that it is built to provide a general-purpose programming environment similar to that provided for Intel CPUs.


Scientific Programming

The paper is organized as follows. That makes this mpcata first modding tool, that I know of, that is multiplatformal. Therefore, significant performance differences are observed in these tests.

The Mpdata editor 2 MIC architecture is a relatively fresh computing platform; however, the management of memory hierarchy has been the target of optimizations in the past. However, the heterogeneous nature of the MPDATA stages makes it difficult to implement the proposed block decomposition. The first-order-accurate advection equation is approximated to the second order in, andthrough defining the advection-diffusion equation. Preliminary performance results are presented in Edior 8while Section 9 gives conclusions and future work.

The results achieved for porting selected parts of Mpdata editor 2 to nontraditional architectures revealed a considerable potential in running scientific applications, including anelastic numerical models, on novel hardware architectures. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. In general, the larger the block size the higher the performance.

In the last years, we can observe that the computational power of processors has been rising much more faster than the memory bandwidth. Enabling the loop tiling for all the stages separately does not give the desired performance gain.