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Remember you need to put this tool into the same folder than mkvmerge and mkvextract. The last try it didn’t even list the tracks, now I get a list but an error about the file that couldn’t be open succesfully. But not all people has pc near the TV. Hmm, I still haven’t looked at it For example, quicktime tracks extraction is not supported in actual mkvextract.

mkvextractgui 1.6.4

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Just found the latest version 2. Thanks for your answer Jean-Pierre.

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I had post it on codecodecs mkvextractgui bugtrack inbut the message still marked as open. It seems to be only when its as an mkv Thanks anyway, i can do the “1 click per file” job for not to get fired How do I convert these into an avi or mpg?

I have a few comments about the interface.

Basically unzip all in the mkvtoolnix directory. Just an offer Thanks Mosu, sethnet.

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I guess you want to convert the MKV because of compatibility reasons. Originally posted by BetaBoy jjseth What you mean by “study”? Dang, and again I’ve totally forgotten to add a link to it to my home page: It seems that for some reasons I had a corrupted mkv. Why is demuxing harder to do than muxing D Vamos que no pasa na ;: Use a standard JSON parser and let that parse mkvmerge’s identification output.


Finally, the code you use to excute the commandline programs are somewhat problematic. With AVI this is very easy.

Hope this helps someone. The MP4 guys don’t write such tools either!

mkvextractgui 1.6.4

Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid So, why do you want to have some command lines switches with it?

mkvextractgui 1.6.4

Well extracting the tracks won’t help you in converting. Rating Rating from So if the original command line was “mkvextract tracks c: So I continue anyways.

MKVExtractGUI -> Version History

And getting something out most often involves writing some other file format. The link is the same.

The fact that many release groups will use MKV today for their stuff is because – it has better subtitles support than any other existing video container – there are very nice mkevxtractgui powerful tools avi-mux GUI, mkvtoolnix to create MKV files – they don’t WANT morons like this guy coming here to be able to play the files, at least not without investing some brains first: But please don’t feel offended, obviously Mkvextrzctgui support will become reality in a few weeks anyway, I just couldn’t stop me from sharing my views Thanks for this new version and work in the sources, I’m a Delphi newbie yet in English too so maybe I’ll learn something.


But it probably won’t help you.

mkvextractgui 1.6.4

It works on bit and bit Mac OS. The “option” box is not really necessary. No installation is required.