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You must respect what matters to me. This book showed how Mistyfoot became the leader or Riverclan when Leapordstar died. When she goes to the Moonpool to receive her nine lives she learns a shocking secret. I respect what you believe. When Feathertail speaks of some things being beyond their control, Mistyfoot worries again for the future. Sep 24, Katie rated it it was amazing. She decides that the best thing for the Clan right now will be to continue their duties, so she sends off some patrols.

mistystars omen

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They are always playing around and arguing or play fighting. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Warrior Cats Mistystars Omen / Recap – TV Tropes

I really like these little side books that go with the Warriors series. Mistyfoot’s former apprentice Feathertail is the third cat; she gives her a life for accepting her duty. Mistystar and a patrol save them, but Reedwhisker gets badly injured. Allen rated it really liked it.

mistystars omen

Trivia About Mistystar’s Omen Also there are secrets hidden in the book. Books by Erin Hunter.

Mistystar’s Omen

This Warriors ebook was more exciting to read than Hollyleaf’s story because there was more action, and interaction among several different cats; whereas in Hollyleaf’s Storyit was just Hollyleaf albeit in the rare company of Fallen Leaves.


When Mistystar notices Mothwing sending Willowshine to the Moonpool at half-moon – and realizes that o,en been making similar exuses for moons – she makes up her mind, and tells Mothwing to retire within the next moon.

Misty star was very shocked at this discovery because all medicine cats have to believe in star clan so they can find out what may happen in the future e. Hollyleaf’s Story was wonderful.

mistystars omen

I knew that Mothwing’s disbelief would come out eventually. Instead, she is visited by Mudfur, who reveals he’d known all along about Mothwing’s lack of faith, but hadn’t done anything because being a medicine cat is first and foremost mistysttars serving the Clan.

Mistystar points out that part of being a medicine cat is their relationship with StarClan, and that it was a lie to hide it from misrystars Clan. See 1 question about Mistystar’s Omen….

One day, Rushpaw and Hollowpaw get themselves cornered by dogs in a Twolegplace just outside the territory. I found this book to be fun. The two fall asleep, and Leopardstar is dead when Mistyfoot awakens.

Mistystar’s Omen (Warriors Novellas) by Erin Hunter

When leopardstar loses her ninth life, her longtime deputy, Mistyfoot, steps up to receive her new name-Mistystar-and lead her clan though a troublesome time.

Mothwing gives a short speech on how she believes in caring for her Clanmates. They drop in on ThunderClan and WindClan on the way back in order to share their news.


Mistystar runs all the way to the Moonpool; she wishes to speak with Stonefur. The Clan talks for a while, Mistyfoot decides that she will go to the Moonpool the following day after they hold vigil for Leopardstar. Return to Book Page.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You must respect what matters to me. It is as if Mothwing didn’t spend seasons caring for the Clan, treating wounded and sick and saving lives.

Mistystar is reminded again of the moth that learned to fly alone, and comments that she’s learned a lot from it. The prey situation gradually improves. Preview — Mistystar’s Omen by Erin Hunter. When Feathertail speaks of some things being beyond their control, Mistyfoot worries again for the future.

It was really good it’s very intresting to see the clan side of Mistystaars It was not as good as the title let on.