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Design Mounting is either flush mounting, or rail mounted ordering options. Energizing by shorting of terminals S1-S2. It should be noted that the descriptions contained within this section do not aim to fully detail the protocol itself. STORAGE If relays are not to be installed immediately upon receipt, they should be stored in a place free from dust and moisture in their original cartons. Operation of any protection, which is configured to General Trip, makes the contacts of output relay P1 open, and so it does for the contactor. They can also provide measurements of the system at regular intervals to a control center enabling remote monitoring and control to take place. P1 is kept open until output relays’ tripping states and indicating LED’s are reset.

micom p111 relay manual

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MiCOM P, Manual (global file) P/EN M/D11 | Schneider Electric

Assume the following parameters for a relay feeding an LV switchboard: Used in distance settings to identify settings that relate to phase-phase faults.

More information on safe working procedures for all electronic equipment can be found in BS EN If the contactor is closed high state at V2-C inputthen the output relay P1 remains closed.

On completion of the insulation resistance tests, ensure all external wiring imcom correctly reconnected to the relay.

Make a cut-out in mounting plate according to fig. If the circuit is open, the contactor is de-energized. Model Rekay, E, F: OP It is only possible to close the contactor if LED trip signaling is previously reset, which prevents from unintended closing operation to be performed following a trip operation of any protection. Suitable test methods can be found in sections 5.


MiCOM P111, Manual (global file) P111/EN M/D11

Where the criteria for a specific application are in excess of those detailed above, or the actual lead resistance exceeds the rellay value quoted, the CT requirements may need to be increased according to the formulae in the following sections: All connections to the equipment must have a defined potential.

If disconnection of the relay from supply voltage Vx or supply voltage GS interruption takes place after the relay has manuql tripped by one of its protections, then the relay status is recorded. In the “Device” menu, select “Open Connection…” GS This brings up a prompt for the address of the relay to be interrogated. Likewise, a close command can rekay be issued if the CB is initially open.

To avoid electric shock or energy hazards, after completely isolating the supplies to the equipment both poles of any dc supplythe SS capacitors should maunal safely discharged via the external terminals prior to de-commissioning. MiCOM relays are self-supervising and so require less maintenance than earlier designs of relay.

Special protection requirements are often used to overcome these problems. EIA RS bus connection arrangements 1. Compliant Real time clock accuracy: LED Light emitting diode: The site should be well lit to facilitate inspection, clean, dry and reasonably free from dust and excessive vibration.

Depending on a model chosen, there are rslay options for the relay configuration.

MiCOM P, Manual (global file) P/EN M/D11 | Download Schneider Electric

The setting data contained in the column can then be viewed by using the and keys. RMS The equivalent a.


micom p111 relay manual

This equipment requires a protective conductor earth connection to ensure user safety. Manial Phase C current: The design of the relay is such that the telay holes in the mounting flanges are only accessible when the access covers are open and hidden from sight when the covers are closed. If an external V, V supply is being used it will be connected to the relays optically isolated inputs directly. Non-directional overcurrent logic diagram 1.

This minimizes the wiring between the relay and test block, and allows the correct test block to be easily identified during commissioning and maintenance tests.

To confirm these states it will be necessary to use the breaker 52A contact. Used in connection with the number of optocoupled inputs and output contacts within the relay.

micom p111 relay manual

Individual relays are normally supplied with an outline diagram showing the dimensions for panel cutouts and hole centers. GS It could damage hardware of P look at connection diagram. Used for application where RS control is required.

micom p111 relay manual

After the relay has been reset, the output contacts of P1 relay close again, thus allowing the contactor to be closed again.