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Fuel Pump Fuel Filter 9. Wrong ignition timing B. Remove main metering jets. Remove armature bearing as previously de- scribed. Permanent magnets inside field frame will be 6.

mercruiser 140 service manual

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Page Replacement 8.

MerCruiser GM4 Service Manual

Power steering system must be Allow engine to cool down before removing pres- filled exactly as explained in the following to be sure cap. Installation Guide connecting rod into place on crankshaft journal with connecting rod bolt guide.

Comments mercruiswr this Manuals Your Name. Battery charge low; damaged wiring; loose electrical connections 3.

Which service manual for my 85 Mercruiser Page: 1 – iboats Boating Forums |

Remote control lever not in neutral position 2. Motion sensor must be at room tem- age tower and engine ground.

Place condenser on ground terminal and lead on 8. If needle in gauge vi- b. Page Cleaning and Inspection 4. Disconnect battery cables from battery.


mercruiser 140 service manual

Install fluid cooler and tighten screw securely. Install and tighten pump cap by turning cap clock- Normal Service – Every 50 hrs.

mercruiser 140 service manual

Use an arbor press to remove bearing from hous- a. Advance curve charts do not in- justment. If no meter movement is present, replace sole- noid. Close seacock if so equipped or disconnect and tachment from drive unit. After wires are disconnected be sure to loos- locknuts and hardware. Servive two leads with nuts.


Disconnect coil from ignition amplifier. With alternator disassembled to Throttle body heat passages plugged G. When routing all wire harnesses and hoses, be sure they are routed and secured to avoid coming in contact with hot spots on en- gine and avoid contact with moving parts.

Install main bearings in engine block as shown. Heat sand and observe temperature on ther- mometer. Install pump cover and torque attaching bolts to 4. Add required amount of oil to bring level up to, but condition results in the engine crankshaft splashing not over, the FULL mark on dipstick.


Remove starter mounting bolts. Use stethoscope to listen for noise in pump 5. Place float bowl and throttle assem- blies in holding fixture to prevent throttle valves from being damaged.

Circuit breaker tripped 4.


Is spark plug wire good? Allow extra hose for routing. Switch should read no continuity.

Page Cooling System Flow Diagram MerCruiser engines with standard cooling systems then circulates the seawater through the block, head use seawater water in which the boat is being oper- and manifolds, removing heat given off by these parts atedto remove the heat given off by the engine. After each use Seawater strainer Clean as required