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The other options can be left alone “Colour Correction” is automatically checked for D2V input sources. It offers 5 drop-down options: I’ve read that anamorphic widescreen of 2. Teegedeck It’s hard for me to grasp this, are you suggesting to do a comp. No you not understand me correctly. For those of you who can’t, or those of you who just feel like reading something here is an explanations of each option: But I do have to say the more flexible your GUI, the more adoption it will have.

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The MeGUI workflow should be completely changed to integrate a comp. You will know what this is if you know about plugin loading in Avisynth.

Basics of MeGUI’s Avisynth Creator

Admittedly one of the cooler features of MeGUI is it’s “automagic” deinterlacing routine. Your restricted filesize approach is not megui avisynth script creator common but I find it interesting. Right away, I’m sure many of you can already guess what most of this is for. Once you have selected your desired file, you should receive a preview window of your input clip.

Avisytnh quite strongly disagree about the necessity of a compressibility test, too. Actually, I would recommend DSSource2 in that instance as it can really help with avisyntb issues, or when dealing with Variable Megui avisynth script creator Rate material. Teegedeck Problem was more my bad reading, sorry. The idea is not to waste quality – I think many, many people just use way-too-cautious settings, especially when it comes to choosing an output resolution, so I propose to always use full, anamorphic resolution and adjust CQM and encoding-settings according to the aimed-at filesize.


Yep, you guessed it. Freakin’ awesome, ain’t it?

MeGui: AVS script creator problem – VideoHelp Forum

It will even “suggest” a mod16 resolution for you if you are so inclined I’m usually not, but who cares. The only situation where it makes sense to upsize first is when you do super-filtering beforehand, with some of Didee’s very slow scripts, because there isn’t enough processing power to do them in realtime.

I’ve been out of development for two months but I distinctively recall adjusting the avisynth script creator to allow resolutions as high as the original.

Yeah I figured that was it. The one exception is the Prefer DSSource If you look at the picture below, you can see that the anamorphic does appear more detailed in the hair and cheek area Is one “better” than the other?

Next, check the “Suggested Resolution” checkbox and change the resolution to one that megui avisynth script creator require. Each line is labeled corresponding to its function in the script, so it should be very clear. Subtitles Use this option if you want to “hardcode” or “burn in” your subtitles into your source material.

I must admit I am not sure what info is in the stat file. The first two of these issues are interface problems, and they are not too serious IMHO to pose any real problems. This means that you mostly won’t need to work out the AR, because MeGUI will do it correctly for you anyway, and it is most likely better than you at that, being a computer program, not a human.

MeGUI H.264 Conversion Guide

You may need to select the “All Files” option when opening the file to be able to see it eg. The megui avisynth script creator confusing part for me is how that system works – I always expect it to display the dimensions of the encoded frame, and show the DAR seperately, you can see that in my mockup.


If the signaling is not sent to the encoder, your encodes will not playback their proper aspect ratio, thus defeating the whole purpose of anamorphic encoding. I don’t get what you mean. Still persistent, I decide to try muxing with YAMB and sure enough, when importing the MP4 video file, one of the options is to set pixel aspect ratio to So I started rendering to. Usually MeGUI’s recommendations are pretty spot on except when dealing with really tricky materialand should work fine in most cases.

I’ve had problems with because I render to. This seems very confusing to me, when everyone in this thread has said “go anamorphic” and indicated that MeGUI is an all-in-one tool for anamorphic encoding. Megui avisynth script creator it was just me, I only need a filesize-prediction because my choice of matrix is clear, my resolution is a fixed one, too, and my thoughts about filtering are: Useful for encoding videos for devices that don’t support soft subtitles, such as an iPod or your grandmother’s ancient PC.