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Icons can be shown in rows, columns and grids with one or more pages as well as special animation effects for page transitions. Display your contacts listings with your own templates limited only by your imagination. Full admin panel for style and user controlled features. Posted on 20 August Sample introductory text into for spa template design.

jxtc appointment book component

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The Appointment Book Manager component is an easy-to-use tool to create and administer appointment requests for one or multiple calendars. Each map module is composed of multiple vector areas customizable on their own with personalized colors, clickable links, nice 1 or 2 line tooltips, HTML-enabled header and appointemnt areas plus other options with easy to use parameters and controls to fine-tune the display to your exact needs.

jxtc appointment book component

This extension is now perfect for my needs. The Plugin can be styled with our custom HTML style panel and has a pop up mode for model window views. Also that there is not a way to change the bookings to check boxes for multiple people in a group, which is another function I would need.

Create light box links with this simple Modal Box plugin.

Appointment Book Manager

We are family, we grow together brothers! When this module is enabled, an image corresponding to the free item and a button labeled “Download Item of Choice ” or whatever text you choose will appear in the specified module position.


jxtc appointment book component

Functionality great functionality and super easy if you need a quick booking form. Now ocmponent can open any component on a Lightbox modal window with just a click! Along with the custom layout the module can display columns and grids for custom listing walls as well as scrolling content for slideshows, sliding content, tool tips, pop ups and much more!

JoomlaXTC Extensions

Simply set the module to pick your desired playlist: Along with the custom layout the module can display columns and grids for custom listing walls as Now everyone can create a thriving, unique and interactive Joomla! Good com;onent, he give me what i want.

Not rated 7 reviews. Posted on 19 January Choose events by Category and other criteria and display them with your own templates limited only by your imaginatio Each content item can contain media elements such as the following: It’s a very good component they give me what i want.

Appointment Book Manager, by JoomlaXTC / Monev Software LLC – Joomla Extension Directory

To be fair, I am not sure there is any calendar on joomla that does that. CB, the most popular and comprehensive social networking solution gives you all the tools and usability needed to grow and maintain your website community. Switch between them to find the style that suits your website best. I did need some tweeks, but the support helping me with booj was really outstanding.

This module uses Flash and is not compatible with iOS etc. Display unlimited banners with controls for rotation style, pause, and more. This plugin replaces your normal a href call with the modal call to open the content with a mootools lightbox effect.


A great module and very easy to use David Kirkpatrick 5. Choose from 70 built-in responsive componsnt featuring stylish CSS3 effects and 88 icon button sets and select from multiple display modes such as Bootstrap, Semantic, and more. The Power Tabs Component and Module takes your website to the next level with tab-based animated slideshows of any kind.

JoomlaXTC Appointment Book – Download Joomla Extension

Controls for the scroll speed, audio playback and mp3 selection are all included! Set one or more displays using any image or Joomla! I give it 4 stars because it is almost there and I am very impressed, just disappointed Appontment cannot use it as I had hoped.

I love the interface and several other features, however, I am hoping that they will add more features in the next version to make the calendar more useful for me. Simple upload and go – auto compoment playlist fuctio Ready to start counting down the days to your next product release?