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JSmooth also makes some special variable accessible for your application. Does it mean that all the java application must be entirely contained in this jar? Feb 20th, GPLv2. Something goes wrong at launch-time, and the wrapper won’t start my java application. All the parameters are configured with a GUI, just click and compile the project.

jsmooth 0.9.9-7

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JSmooth – Java Executable Wrapper

This will start the wrapper in debug mode, displaying a console or using the current one, for the console wrapperand output many useful information. Configuring the JVM 4. They know how to swiftly search for all the JVM installed on a computer, and determine which best suits the requirements of your application.

However, for a console wrapper, the default current directory is the path where the command line is currently tied.

JSmooth 0.9.9-7

How do I fix that? The Windowed Wrapper is designed for standard Windows applications, which do not use console.

Selecting the most suitable JVM 3. For GUI application, it’s easier: The file download is automatically executed or displayed according to the nature of the file. If this method returns false, you cannot use any of the native method. The task takes two mandatory parameters: Note however that this is not always possible.


No more technical explanation on. JSmooth is a software solution especially created to help you pack Java applications into standard Windows launchers for easier deployment.

The version of the JRE to download is a configurable parameter of the wrapper, and uses the Sun’s autodownload feature initially provided for Web Start.

Flexible automatic Java VM detection. The parameters that are passed to the JVM can also be configured. If your application requires a minimum or a maximum version of Java to run, the Version of Target VM subpanel will probably be of high interest for you. Revision History Revision 1. The wrappers use several strategies to detect all the JVM available on a computer, using windows registry, environment variables, or windows path basically, whatever gives hints is used.

This behaviour not to call it a bug is documented by Sun, and there is no known work-around for it. You can force the wrappers to always force the current directory of your application to be the executable’s instead of the document’s by enabling the “Sets the executable folder as current directory of the application” option located in the executable settings panel. This is usually useful to debug why a wrapper couldn’t launch a VM. This product includes software developed by L2FProd.

Choosing a skeleton is the first step in the creation of a jsmooth executable. The Arguments field allows you to specify default parameters for the application.


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Native calls in your java code. Should you find any bug, jmsooth submit it to the jsmooth tracker. There are some java libraries available around to launch the default browser on an URL, but using the shellExecute is probably the best solution for the windows platform on this traditional problem.

You can modify the location of the every file in the project, but you must always keep this simple rule in mind: Use the and button to modify the priorities.

jsmooth 0.9.9-7

If you’d like to help the project, 0.9-7 is the place to go. When this option is enabled, launching another instance of the application results in bringing the window of the first one to front. ICOit chooses [ 1 ] first 32×32 icons, then 64×64, then 16x Once done, go to the Windows Executable panel, and type the name of the executable in the Executable Name field.

jsmooth 0.9.9-7

JSmooth was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila.