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Chomel 5, 13 28 Uninstall Java 7 and install Java 6. Sign up using Facebook. Do you happen to have JRE 1. Unninstall Java Update 7.

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Tom Charnock 21 1. They both have the -Djava. It worked for me.

That website is not affiliated with Oracle. How to set or change picture initaitor contour? Start downloading the Initiator from the page. The main reason why Oracle developed Jinitiator was to support Oracle Forms on the web in older releases because of the bugs in the older releases of the JDK. How do I download the oracle jinitiator 1.

Oracle JInitiator //// ActiveX Control memory corruption

I restarted my browser and was able to access the oracle forms. Oracle JInitiator version too low Ask Question. I went to the control panel and clicked “Java bit “. In that case, uninstall it and install the JRE 1. Do you happen to have JRE 1. Now I installed jdk 1. Any solution to this???


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I had this problem in Windows 7. Out of all the results, select the link which you find genuine. Charles Hanosek 21 1. I had jdk 1. A lot answers for windows system,I’m offering a methond to all system include OSX,if you can open the windows in my attacment.

It lets 8.1 web-enabled Oracle Forms client application to be executed within the web jqva. Sathyajith Bhat 16k 20 84 By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyjava initiator 1.1 8.16 our Terms of Service. Software Others Question Tags: Adios to Winter Bash Vote Up 0 Vote Down.

How To Download Oracle Jinitiator 1. A window pops up called “Java Runtime Environment Settings”. This forum from shows the details: Hello, to download the Oracle jinitiator 1.

Post as a guest Name. The first two numbers in the version of Jinitiator, like for example Jinitiator 1. Upgrading to Windows 8 Consumer Preview By. Sign up using Email java initiator 1.1 8.16 Password. Java panel shows 1. If you want to download Jinitiator, try downloading Jinitiator 1.


I restarted my browser and was able to access the oracle forms” And it worked for me.