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The lyrics of the title song are: Ghazal singer Jaswinder Singh, 3rd from left, with Dr. So, the concert will feature more than ghazals? That is for you to decide. When I started learning music, when I decided that I have to sing ghazals, my father, Mr. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Washington!

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Jaswinder Singh (singer) – Wikipedia

At the time of our interview, Jaswinder was elated by the response to his concert in Chicago where some fans immensely enjoyed his performance. Presenting the story of Indian-Americans — their dreams, their accomplishments, their challenges!! You have to sink and then rise. Peace can only be achieved by Jasdinder Put your own emotions, improvisations in that ghazal so it sounds as if you are singing your own ghazal.

Jaswinder singh ghazals you hear me live at my concert, you will see how I perform. Jagjit ji used to sing a lot of Punjabi songs which were extremely popular.

Jaswinder Singh’s Ghazal Evening Mesmerizes Chicago Audience

The exuberance of the crowd was palpable with the magic of each word sung, each note hit, each pounding of the tabla, and each keystroke on the keyboard. Written and compiled by Geeta Goindi; Press credentials: We have come with a message of love. People are loving it! Ghazal singer Jaswinder Singh, 3rd from left, with Dr. You have to do one thing in life — make your own way, jaswinder singh ghazals your own style.


All my songs, my albums, are very simple! How have you been associated with him? In every other genre, the new generation has come. Once we have love in our hearts, in ghazaks, for fellow human-beings, then the world will be a peaceful place.

There will be another show in Chicago … I would like to mention that I have a set of very talented musicians. In Chicago and other cities, people had a gala time.

I feel my responsibility has increased. Jaswinder Singh has been enthralling audiences all over the USA during his tour. Jaswinderr personally feel that there is only one ghaazals that is fading away in our lives, and that is love.

People have a lot of expectations from me. Friday, January 4, Send this to friend Your email Recipient email Send Jaswinder singh ghazals. Singing ghazals is not easy.

Telangana man Mubeen Ahmed shot in California, in critical condition June 8, Singh sang ghazals and many Punjabi songs which rocked the crowd.


Jaswinder Singh is the most promising ghazal singer of this generation with a soft singy silky voice and has proved his mettle as an artist. For me, it was a great honor to get this title jaswinder singh ghazals living legends, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Pandit Jasraj, who are like Gods in music. This is my first solo concert tour, but the third time I will be performing in the US.

Jaswinder Singh’s Ghazal Evening Mesmerizes Chicago Audience

I had to struggle very hard. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Washington! So, ghazaos concert will feature more than ghazals? I have learnt those nuances from him by observing him. They have a simple melody and they are all very romantic.