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Hi, I used sn0wbreeze 2. I have an iphone 3g and upgraded to 4. And i appreciated for your very fast answer and interested.. As a matter of fact, iREB will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to put your device into a PwnedDFU mode, and then to restore your device using iTunes. When entering the world of jailbreaking, some people might feel a little bit overwhelmed with all those new things are possibilities they gain. So, i cannot restore to 4.

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Meanwhile on my Win7 64bit it almost made me kill myself thinking I have no hope of fixing my iPod due to numerous errors.

Now, a simple iREB download allows you to restore firmware on the following devices: Every error code has a different solution. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Free Download iReb for iOS 10/11 to Jailbreak iPhone

If you are facing iTunes errors such ireb for windows xp 16xx and especiallyor while restoring the iOS, then you definitely need to download iREB free ireb for windows xp soon as possible. That should get you out of the DFU loop. Once your iBoot has been patched, you will not get any of the 16xx error as your iBoot will be unable to differentiate between stock or custom IPSW.


Darman January 19, It only shows black screen. Thank you so much for all your help and Patience do you think the fact that it has no sound could be a hardware problem and not a software problem… as it has sound when headphones are in but no sound when headphones are taken out… have tried all the cleaning stuff they say on the web and pushing the head phone plug in and out repeatedly but no luck so will try to replace the jack… but again thanx.

I have mingled with the hosts file but I simply cannot get it to restore! Mmmm, do u any chance have a msn that i can msg u directly? Using TU and Ired to bypass errors. Im german and its been confusing all long. Try again and i get an error I have downloaded iReb, iBooty and I only have access to a windows based computer.

Download iReb R6 Windows To Aid In iOS / Restores

Florida August 14,7: Gladys Aily Lutero May 14,8: Hi evryone i have an ipod 2g and want to goo in the DFu black sreen mode because of error I have jailbroken 3.

One note for people out there trying to build an older custom firmware I ended up on 4. Try a custom iOS 4. Sleep button is not. Sorry but TinyUmbrella will not work to kick your iDevice out of recovery because it is valid ireb for windows xp all firmware versions less than or equal to iOS 4. Or fro me link.


Eindows it means your baseband is already updated. I have tried the three option that you suggested… Use TinyUmbrella http: Not even under recent devices right? Do you still get Error inspite of the settings set from TU?

Download iREB R5 for Windows

Hi I having problems trying to upgrade to 4. First restore your iPhone with iOS 4. The good thing is that gevey sim card work with the new frameware and unfortunately, It had updated the baseband as well. However, as a main condition to download iREB and use it on your device is to have created a custom firmware restore using one of the available problems, Redsnow or Snowbreeze. Are you sure that you have tried TU with these settings http: Jumping from iOS 4.

Mmmm, i dont know, it wasnt my phone… But i think it wasnt, so u wouldnt know what connectors connects to the speakers etc? What is your iPhone model? ireb for windows xp