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Roiange hum hazar bar, koi hamein sataai kiyon! Why this beauty and charm, why that power and majesty? The British used this opportunity for making an assault on Islam, which they were contemplating to make for the last seventy or eighty years, and they imagined to have uprooted Islam from the Indian soil. O slave of calculation, do not be a bookworm! Sun ai gar tagre jinse wafa! What is the sin for which this is a punishment? All through his life he toiled hard to make, others see and feel what he saw and felt, in his view, he wanted to conquer self.

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Songs Lyric: December

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Kuch baqi mere tan mein nahin Rung ho ker udgaya, jo khon ke daman mein nahin Ho gai hain jama ajzaye nigahe aaftab Zarre uske gher ki deewaron ke rauzan mein nahin Raunaqe hasti hai ishq khana weeran saz se Anjuman be shama hai, ger berqe khirman mein nahin Zakhm silwane se mujh pe charai wafa ka waea Gair samjha hai ki lazzat zakhme sozan mein nahin Baski hum hain eik bahare naaz ke mare huai Hua wada shikan gul ke sewa, gerd apne madfan mein nahin Qatrah qatrah eh hiyolahai, nai nasoor ka Khoon bhi, zauqe derd se farigh mere tan mein nahin Le gaye saqi ki nakhwat, qulzame ashami meri Mauj mai ki aaj rag, meena ki gerdan huua nahin Ho fisher zof mein kaya natawani ki ki namood!

This process continued for a long time. A great revolutionary upsurge overtook the whole country and continued for several years, but four months the middle of marked its hua wada shikan. This secret yet none has grasped that Muslim Scripture reads so sweet: After one or two decades of this repression, which has no parallel wara in the world – not in any of the colonized countries were the people suppressed so severely as the Indian Muslims – ultimately some people began to think about the possible wadx for this Situation but of course the angry resistance against the English was not given up.


Iqbal.s Selected poetry | Mohammed Mahbboob Hussain Aazaad –

You, forever unsuspecting, have forever lost the game. Allama Iqbal is one of them. And whose lives write them clearly down As servers of the time?

Jinhain Dekh Ke Sharmaen Yahood? You pine hua wada shikan a bud: As scissors cut gold into tiny pieces. If Muslims do not mend their way, Magians their luck might steal away.

The twinkling stars do not disturb the calm which in your heart is found! The ecstasy of the new learning is not a sin. For the army of singers has shokan drove upon drove. O Kalim of the pinnacle Sina of learning!

Dua Prayer poem10 Ya Rab! There is no chief to lead and guide.

Knowledge is the child of the Book; Love is hua wada shikan mother of the Book. We fell and died for your honour; Our blood still courses through your veins. Iqbal appears to have been the only Muslim of our times who not only understood the implications of this problem, but who attempted a solution. Where is your native land? The year was the year of absolute victory for the British in India.

I fear lest I die in this cage with this woe grief! The way of faqr is not diicult. Heaps of straw and mounds of dust, too low they are, avoid I must.


Sochta Hoon Keh Woh Kitne Masoom The

And how to be blessed with passion and pain? Both heights and lowlands we traversed to spread Your message; O hua wada shikan pain! In his poetry, had numerous streams of his experiences of the ummah spread over fourteen hundred years. What can the Flame bestow except its spark and glow?

Kaya rahon gurbat mein khush, shkian hua hwadis ka ye hal Namah lata hai, watan se, namah bar aksar khula Uski ummat mein hon main, maire rahain kiyon kam band Waste jis shahei ke, Ghalib!

ay wada shikan dailymotion

Din dhal gaya hua wada shikan ka kahin naam nahi hai the day has set down, the sun is nowhere to be seen Ae wada shikan ab bhi teri shaam nahi hai O reneger, still your evening hasn’t arrived!

He too is beautiful and majestic. The distinction of tribes is the cause of all ruin. I can imagine people disagreeing which certain aspects of his political and religious thought. Where the lamp of your own spirit shines, there let your dwelling be.