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They have a strong inclination to take up the profession of an actor, musician, composer, or author. It varies with the life we are leading. In such a case. Login Please enter your login details. Short nails indicate a tendency to heart dis- ease. Benham supports this view in Laws of Scientific Hand-reading.

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The main points to study in fingers with knots booi When a line forming an island on the mount of Venus, and, crossing on to the Marriage line is found, it foretells misfortune bookk disgrace to the marriage. When the line ends in a fork, it is also considered a sign of weakness, but it is not as bad as a tassel or fan.

Our sub- conscious mindT is said to have something to do with changes that occur in the lines and signs of the hands in accordance with a change of occupation or character. If seen on the centre of the line of Head, it shows fhat the subject has inherited mental sgastra, and stands in dan- ger of suffering from a weakness of the brain or an illness affecting it.

Indian Palmistry Classic Reprint. When the forces are too strong, they wreck the machine and engine. Apculo haxta are considered ex- tremely clever.

This mark is present on tlie hands of hasta samudrika shastra book and saints rather than on 1- j. The presence of great numbers of them shows that the brain is used in too many directions; and, if the lines are both thin and numerous, it shows weakness of brain, confused thoughts, and in excess a tendency to hysteria. His success is Darrea. If the mount is under-developed and the space under xamudrika first finger covered by criss-cross lines, the better qualities of Jupiter hasta samudrika shastra book not in evidence.


He will fall into the danger of being ruined financially sxmudrika mor- ally during the period the line is marred by the island. But signs and marks of strong will and wary disposition, if present will keep him from becoming a foolliardy gambler. The shape of the nand and shatra is largely hereditary, but the lines and hasta samudrika shastra book on the palm are not transmitted through parents.

A cross on the mount of Saturn touching the Fate line fore- tells troubles, accidents, and death. Simplest Book To Learn Astrology. The first joint is one that indicates order in ideas; ‘ihe second knot, order in material things; the third, order in domestic matters.

Samudrika Shastra

Such persons have never been known to be straightforward, honest characters, g Square Tips. It is this soul that, in accordance with a change in our circumstances and ideals, stimulates the mind within us to hasta samudrika shastra book the nervous system and cause changes to appear in the lines on the hand. I do not propose to samudrikz in detail all the aspects of Cheirognomy treated by certain standard writers.

The fact of the matter is that the soul is a strict judge and witness. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Benham supports this view in Laws of Scientific Hand-reading.


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Tlie skin is thick and red, often presenting a mottled appearance. Hence the skin lias been found yellowisb in hue. I hope this frank confession will dis- arm likely critics who would be quite in order if they raised their fine, supercilious eyebrows at this unwarranted act on my part. In judging a Saturnian, we must be careful and should not tnink that good Satumians are hasta samudrika shastra book found in this world. The strength of the first phalange of the thumb should be gauged by a close examination of the breadth, thick- ness and size of the tips: People with such signs have been found to be severe taskmasters, especially if the line of head is straight and turns up towards the Mount of Mercury at the end.

A business- man and merchant with this mark cheats his customers with ease and uses his glib tongue. A closer study, however, revealed the mark of a temple on his wrist, signifying great wealth and high status. Our website is secured by bit SSL encryption issued by Verisign Incmaking your shopping at Sapnaonline as secure as possible.

An Introduction to the Astrology of India. The girdle of Venus. Fluted nails indicate a weakness of the nervous system.