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For this reason, the alphabet starts with this sound – Aa. Salutations to lord Narayana, If you are going to take a shape in my mind, Please hold the holy wheel with a luster of billions of Suns, Please sit always on the king of serpents, Please wear always the forest garland, And the chain with the famous Kousthubha gem. Though other forms of worship of Gods like Vishnu , Shiva etc are practiced, they according to him are an inferior mode. His translation of Adhyathma Ramayanam Kili Pattu and Mahabaratham are revered treasures in almost all houses in Kerala even today. Passion, anger, miserliness, longing, exuberance and competitive spirit are the six enemies. Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, You Helped me to get rid of those, Eight bad qualities including ego, And made me sit in the lotus position, And helped me to reach that, Lotus with thousand petals, After crossing the six stages of yoga , And made reach a stage, where there is no pain.

harinamakeerthanam full

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He tells us that the formless form, as far as he was concerned is only a concept which is the end result of his concept of Lord Vishnu. And then the 51 alphabets of the Malayalam of those days.

harinamakeerthanam full

harinamakerthanam Though several births are past, There is no end to this, Attachment through several actions. Researchers think that he learned these aspects of religion from Tamil Nadu. Similarly a Gandharva named Huhu was cursed by Devala to become a crocodile.

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His name, his caste and even the number of other books are also unknown; however, one thing that is known is that he wrote the book ” Hari Nama Keerthanam ” Song of the name of Hari.

Ezhuthachan believes that harinamaeerthanam worldly family life is a waste of time and should better be devoted in search of God. In his death bed he called out the name of his youngest son, “Narayana, Narayana. He also mentions that he is using the 51 reformed Malayalam alphabets instead of the 30 alphabets of Kolezhuthu or the Grandaksharam. At that time, the alphabet of Malayalam was undergoing reform.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari, I do not have the mental capability, Of understanding the several Gitas that I read, Fuull so what I harinqmakeerthanam is your grace, And to get that grace, The only way I know is devotion to you. Further Ezhuthachan describes his Vision of Vishnu in His mega form, which is the universe itself.


Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, I wish my tongue engages in singing your names, Instead of wasting the day by telling this and that, For I hear that that is the only way to salvation, In this age of Kali. The yogi tries to raise the Sushmna nadi from the base of Mooladhara, through Swadishatana, Manipooraka, Anahatha, Vishudhi chakra and Agna chakra and reaches out to The sahasrara thousand petal lotus which is in the base of the brain. Salutations to that Narayana, Hey God who is the eternal truth, This universe with the Indra and devas, Sun, moon and fire and the holy trinity, Is due to you, who is the all pervasive one, And so please give me the capacity, To meditate upon thee always.

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Salutations to the Lord Narayana, To get devoid of this illusion great, There is no better way shown to me, In the teachings of the world, Except chanting your holy names, Like KrishnaGovinda, Hari and Rama. Ezhuthachan prays for the grace of his teacher as well as the approval of god and the learned Brahmins for this great work.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, Help me Decide on the path, Depending on my strength, And leave out the strong faith, That the body is the real soul, Make me pray within my means, And with devotion catch your holy feet.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, When I think of that ecstatic pleasure, Of the beats of drum, Mrudanga, tin drum and metal clasps, That Harinamakeerhtanam heard when my mind crossed the six stages, My mind is not keeping calm and at peace, Like the Elephant which is tied and starving sees the tasty feed. He mentions that his Guru was one Neelakanta Somayaji in one of the verses.

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Here he remembers about his teacher Sri. Salutations to lord Narayana, The rain of your grace gives rise, To the germination and growth, Of divine blessings great, That the lotus with thousand petals in me, Which becomes the source of my devotion to you, Oh great store house of mercy. Salutations to lord Narayana, Without any reason and results, Do not make mine in this world, Her body which is a vessel of stool, For several days of my life, And do not waste this time of my life, Without the sun rise of heavenly knowledge, Which would be of immeasurable benefit.


It is believed that when one reaches the Lotus with thousand petals, one hears a remarkable musical sound which is a heavenly experience.

Ajamila who was a Brahmin lead a sinful life.

harinamakeerthanam full

Salutations to Narayana, Who is the lord of the lady of lotus, Who is the primeval man, Who loves his devotees, Who does not have either end or start. Indian songs Malayalam-language songs.

harinamakeerthanam full

Salutations to lord Narayana who harinamakeerhhanam Hari, Alas, the god of death walks behind me, With a fully opened mouth, Which is similar to a cave. In one of the verses, he mentions that his Guru was Neelakanta Somayaji. The only way to achieve this goal is through devotion Bhakti Yoga. Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, Hey God who is the form of truth, Please do not allow my lotus like mind, As a stage for my six enemies to play, And please make it a point, To sit there once in a day.

Both illusion and the power to create, look after and punish is ascribed to Lord Vishnu. Salutations to lord Narayana, Even if my meditation on you, Is disturbed and stopped in the middle, By the various duties in life, Let those sentences born out, Of the great knowledge of VedasCome to my mind and lead me to you. Salutations to lord Narayana, Those harina,akeerthanam read this, Prayer which sings of the religion, Without pride and jealousy, Would surely attain salvation, And also will lead the poet to salvation.

hadinamakeerthanam Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, Let my mind get devoid of the illusions, Due to attachment to self, Of the two types of knowledge, Which makes me think, That I and the God are separate. He cut off the nose of Surpanaka as Rama and made a Hunch backed lady in to a pretty one as Krishna.