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Grafa – Kafqvi i zeleni. Perhaps the song got more points. Give 10 points to the best song, 8 to the 2nd best, 6 to the third best, 4 to the 4th best, 2 to the 5th best and 0 points to the one you least enjoyed. And the 3rd place was a surprising entry. Zaednooooo xsing da bdem Zaednooooo xsing and also Sekunda xup will vote soon xup. Thank you everyone for taking time to vote at the NF and listen the songs.:

grafa ako ima rai

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Grafa – Ako ima rai (Ако има рай)

You have got 30 minutes for voting. Truly i didnt expected that song with most points to lead the voting.

Slynce v ochite ti. Grafa – Slunce v ochite ti.

grafa ako ima rai

Thank you everyone for taking time to vote at the NF and listen the songs.: OMG, really love my top 2, it’s hard to choose which one is better. Deadline will be on Nov 12 at 24 CET, hurry to vote!!!!! I need more voters to avoid having a tie between 4 songs: I extended one more hour the deadline in order for more people to vote.


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OMG, I love that song! We are beginning to have a lead now, but the 2nd place is just behind 1 point from this song. I know it was scheduled till tomorrow but this just happened a couple of minutes ago so i cant send the entry tomorrow at 21 CET. Voters of today, thanks guys!!!! You have got only a few hours for voting.

‎Ako Ima Rai (If There Was Heaven) by Grafa on Apple Music

Ti si otivash new version. Sqkash ti si do men. Here is with more detail the final score: So hope everyone have the time to vote on this quick Nat Final.

grafa ako ima rai

Love it, your best entry so far! Thats why i need more votes: I Don’t Love You. Nai-shtastliviqt Chovek BG Entry.

It was a really exciting edition. Nikoi – BG Pop Music. A very emotional wko lively girl, she also preferred to play more with boys than girls. Lets see how it does, hope is not again bottom 5. Finalist song and performer to be reveled soon!!


Rosica Kirilova-Samo ti http: Grafa – Kafqvi i zeleni. Hope they will be rzi the 80s and 90s xpray Hope they will be fro, the 00s and 10s xpray: When Chicago took the lead, it wasnt my huge favorite to win, but i dont know the song has something special on it and can grow on you on 2nd or 3rd listening. He says it was a truly magical song and share some grava with Sun Yue backstage, they are planning to do a duet on the near future.

grafa ako ima rai

Should we rename the contest to 80s and 90s vision? I hope that you will vote in the NF of Argentina too! There will be two songs kao the Bulgarian NF.