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This only started happening recently, though in Finale Finale does this using Sound Maps , which link each instrument with the most appropriate Garritan sound. In a piano quartet that I have been working on, sometimes the first staff violin will drop to a minimum volume setting while all the other instruments play normally. Does anyone have any suggestion? Remember, keyswitches are a feature of Garritan instruments, and will not apply to other playback devices. The same behavior occurs on a different file that is set up for oboe and piano.

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It definitely does seem to occur only with sustained sounds and not with piano or percussion sounds. Or, you could also select an existing finxle that you would like to re-define to a keyswitch and click Edit.

Auditioning your score Tutorial 4: At least, I haven’t encountered the latter. You can also assign a Keyswitch to an expression manually by defining the expression to send a MIDI Note On message at the pitch of a keyswitch.

I’m on a Mac, running System Set the font, size, ofr, make it hidden, or apply other text attributes. Lyrics, chords, and repeats Tutorial 6: This eliminated the fragmentation presumably because each individual track used less “bandwidth” or whatever. Launching and authorizing Finale Step 4: If Human Playback is enabled, text such as arco and pizz is interpreted and keyswitches are triggered automatically. A keyswitch is simply a regular note outside the playable range of the instrument that is programmed to trigger this change.


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For the best experience in using a standalone Garritan library with Finale, see Setting up Garritan sound libraries in Finale in our Knowledge Base. The performance style will change upon reaching this point during playback. You shouldn’t be having this type of problem. Return to General Finale Help.

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This is the message for Note On. The Expression Selection dialog box appears. Ibstruments needs to look into this problem. Leave feedback on this topic Finale for Windows. Leave feedback on this topic Finale for Windows Copyright and trademarks.

The other strange thing is that I only started noticing it happening fairly recently — in the last month or so.

Playback problem with Garritan Instruments by Sponsor. This only started happening recently, though in Finale Beginning a new project Tutorial 2: Are you, or anyone else who might be experiencing this problem using the same system and hardware? Creating content for SmartMusic Best Practices: Bing [Bot] and 9 guests. Editing your music Garritan instruments for finale 2012 5: Board index All times are UTC.


The Playback Data Dump dialog box appears. The same behavior occurs on a different file that is set up for oboe and piano. This really does not make Finale look good. Is there anyone out there that can figure out why that would be? Again, this is because the “Plr” instruments all have samples in common with the “Solo” instrument from which they are derived, causing phasing problems. My belief is that I overloaded Finale’s playback capabilities with all the simultaneous data, and it wasn’t able to play all the sounds: Now the question remains: