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A man of deep military experience, Constantine XI had served as the chief imperial commander in the Peloponnesus and regent of Constantinople when his older brother John VIII had spent several years in the s travelling throughout Western Europe desperately seeking military and financial aid. This site uses cookies. From its re-founding by Emperor Constantine in AD to its fall to the Ottomans over a millennium later, Byzantium—an anachronistic term, since the citizens of New Rome always considered themselves Romans—synthesized an extraordinary ancient cultural legacy and infused it with new vitality. The Ottoman Turks finally gained the prize which they had been encircling for over a century since they conquered most of Anatolia and expanded behind Constantinople into Thrace and the Balkans. Her words are preserved as follows: Its all fairytales about the victims of turkish violence. The city may still have the most awe-inspiring fortified walls of any city in the known world, a formidable arsenal and a unique sea defense in the form of a massive underwater chain that can be manually raised thank you, slave labor!

fetih 1543

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By Stratos Moraitis March 4, at An Ottoman military commander who is used to be an ardent advocate for the conquest of Constantinople. These links to other websites do not imply a recommendation for all the content found on these sites.

In fits of triumph and fury, the Turkish soldiers set upon the defenseless feih inside the cathedral, killing only a few laity who dared resist, and separating those women and boys they wished to rape and those they wished to sell at Muslim slave markets.

One can only wonder what the pious Christians of the ancient capital thought to hear such blasphemies against Christ God pronounced to them at the end of a sword.

fetih 1543

At the outset, Mehmet decides that he should live in peace with contiguous countries until he makes the preparations for his campaign. Numerous monks and priests were enslaved or killed, and thousands of horrified nuns, laywomen and boys raped as the Ottomans poured through the city.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. After the young, ill-prepared King Louis II of Hungary foolishly declared war on the Turks in summerSuleiman personally commanded the Ottoman troops at the decisive August battle at Mohacs, which saw the young king and the flower of the Hungarian nobility and knightly classes killed.


The financiers were probably from one conservative group, the production crew an the cast were from modernists, and as a result, they didn’t cast some of the actors in Turkey who would fit to some of the roles perfectly because they were affiliated with other groups.

Turkish Film “Fetih 1453” Causes Outrage Among Greeks

He was a renowned singer, composer, and musical theoretician who served as a master choralist at the courts ferih the last two emperors of Constantinople, the brothers John VIIIr. Moving slowly into the fethi, they discovered that their entrance was a Greek oversight, as nearly all of the defenders had locked themselves into a section in the central part of the wall to meet head-on the mass of the attacking army.

fetih 1543

However, there are also voices supporting the idea of a grand-scale movie on the fall of Constantinople that suggest that the dramatic scenes and the high-quality production will get everyone watching the film at the end. Disclaimer All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. Unsurprisingly, historians traditionally date the end of the Middle Ages to the fall of Constantinople, from which they also mark the official opening of the Renaissance and the early modern era as Greek refugees poured into Italy.

Turkish Film “Fetih ” Causes Outrage Among Greeks |

It’s a pity that political wars in Turkey weakens everything from economy to film industry. In addition to this, another co-producer commented to Ali Eyuboglu that 4 million ticket will be afford expenses for the film. The soldiers set about invading, pillaging, and firing houses, looting and burning palaces, libraries, churches, and monasteries, and slaughtering and enslaving thousands of civilians with impunity. Feith his return to AdrianopleMehmet sends a ftih to Emperor Constantine and he declares that he will no longer send the subsidy for the continued captivity of Orhan.

Views Read Edit View history. During the siege of Constantinople, he is assigned to defend Port of Langa.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From its re-founding by Emperor Constantine in AD to its fall to the Ottomans over a millennium later, Byzantium—an anachronistic term, since the citizens of New Rome always considered themselves Romans—synthesized an extraordinary ancient cultural legacy and infused it with new vitality.


Fetih (Sultan Muhammad al Fatih)

This victory commenced the start of his reign as Shahanshah over Persia and the establishment of the Shia Safavid dynasty, which would challenge the Ottomans on political, religious, and fetig fronts until its collapse in the s. What a blessed commander is its and what a blessed army is its army.

fetih 1543

Edit Details Official Sites: And the symbolism is confusing. The trailer was viewed by over 1. In my opinion, flight is not the right course, even if it should bring us to safety. Pemimpin yang menaklukkannya adalah sebaik-baik pemimpin dan pasukan yang berada di bawah komandonya adalah sebaik-baik pasukan. The magnificent painted gold and multi-colored frescoes of Hagia Sophia were ordered whitewashed by Mehmed II. Mehmet engages the father-daughter team to build a cannon capable of shattering Constantinople’s wall—though he thinks they’re a father- son team; Era knows better than to imagine a girl could work side by side with men in a military foundry, so she trims her hair, binds her breasts, dons male-appropriate attire and answers to the name Elias.

The latter title recognized the Ottoman sultans as the paramount religious and political authority among Sunni Muslims due to their position as rulers over the Hejaz and as custodians of the two principal Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina.

Ahmad bin Hanbal] Dari situlah maka meski jauh dari kisah yang sebenarnya namun film ini cukup untuk mengabadikan kehebatan Sultan Muhammad al Fatih dalam semangatnya mewujudkan sabda Nabi tersebut.

A Biography of the Prophet Muhammad: Throughout the Ottoman Empire, Turkish soldiers repeated this pattern of converting, whitewashing, and re-purposing ancient Christian churches and cathedrals in the name of Islam. The fall of an empire will be the rise of another.