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Mounir’s single “Maddad” from this album caused controversy, as its lyrics could be interpreted as a call for intercession from the prophet Muhammad. The protesters handle their own security. But this year, monied promoters have been cautious, keeping their cash in reserve, or out of the country altogether, so the usual spate of splashy concerts has ebbed to almost nothing. Mounir went on to release five more consecutive official albums and featured on one soundtrack album under the Sonar label. Please improve the article or discuss this issue on the talk page. Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. This page was last edited on 29 October , at

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And it was spectacular. Login or register to post comments. Added ezay mohamed mounir reply to request eezay Draagon. The point of going to Talaat Harb was to meet Lobna Ghareeg, an Egyptian who grew up in Brooklyn and now works with one of the greatest singers and bandleaders of the last 50 years in Egypt, Mohamed Mounir. In Mayhe held a large concert at the pyramids, during which he was physically attacked by a drunken fan. How can you leave me this weak, why aren’t you standing by my side?

I am the oldest of your streets, your hopes from those who have destroyed you. The protesters handle their own security. Mounir was one of the few ezay mohamed mounir artists who supported the revolution right from the beginning.


Mohamed Mounir – Wikipedia

An Egyptian Story In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Had I loved you out of choice, my feelings would have changed a long time ago. Help on using footnotes is available. I can’t find a reason to love you, and my sincerity doesn’t even count. Mounir had to organize his own security for the event, and given Mounir’s massive popularity and the relatively few concerts he has been able to perform in Egypt this year, some 20, eager fans mobbed a zone already jammed ezay mohamed mounir summer vacationers.

And ezy, even though you do that, I still love you.

Mohamed Mounir

The Epoch of Romanticism Monuir a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. For them, getting into the outdoor concert space was nothing short of traumatic. So think about who the people are who do not want us to develop. The Betrothed in 10 Minutes. You can leave any time.

This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Blog July 16, Twenty albums later, Mounir triggered government censorship last year for a song called “Ezay,” a barbed love song essentially saying, “You treat me so terribly. Throughout his career he has appeared in 12 movies, 4 television series and 3 plays. And even with Lobna’s stellar connections, getting through security proved an ordeal, though nothing compared with what regular customers had to endure.


This driver made a mohamex gesture to show what he thought of the ezay mohamed mounir.


Mona Chesley, a brave television host at DreamTV, risked her career when she aired this video, even before it hit YouTube. We are not Christian or Salafist or ezxy other religion. Protestors streaming through Talaat Harb Square It took over four hours to drive to the Marsilia Beach resort where Mounir’s concert would take place.

When the film aired at the Cairo International Film Festival, it left the audience split between those supporting the film’s mounri for intellectual freedom and its anti-female circumcision stance, and those disapproved of either the title character’s desire to physically express herself through dance, or of mounirr filming of scenes in the Cairo’s slums, which could be seen to tarnish Egypt’s international image.

Apparently, Mubarak’s people took the song personally. As well as his singing career, Mounir also has an active acting career. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Ezay mohamed mounir taxi driver coming from the Cairo airport was keen to point out the burned shell of a large government building near Tahrir Square.