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Jun 5 , Anonymous May 30, at 1: Patching updates of various online games 8 years 8 months ago Show posts by this member only Post 1. D This post has been edited by xavier7: Jul 31 , JPG If big hulking Mechanaughts are not for you, then the sleek Aerobolt might just be up your alley.

exteel online philippines

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F2P sounds good however a lot of riff raff usual entail with such things. Japanese are certain incredible. How much or a moron can you be?? onlinf

exteel online philippines

Marksmanship increases your chances of getting critical hits when using melee, as well as increasing the probability that you will hit when you use a ranged weapon. Exteel officially starts on June 3, ! Oct 16 We will be distributing free goodie bags to visitors so come early phililpines supplies are limited.


A lot of Exteel players will surely love to hear it soon! Added on July 8, Which I really love it.

Internet Cafe: Patching updates of various online games (3/3)

Exteel SEA will be having its update soon with the new upcoming mechs, weapons and skills. Sep 24 Aug 12 Does anyone want to help so we can schedule a meeting?

exteel online philippines

A new entry in this bloody conflict is the speed-based Spazmok. Mu Online mga Online Game Providers para mas madali natin malaman ang kanilang regular schedule. I’ll be playing this when i’m off Perfect World i guess: For NCsoft, this is its first time to allow in-house developed casual games to be serviced by a partner company abroad, in this case, AsianMedia.

Show posts by this member only Post obline.

Exteel SEA Online

Its fins and aerodynamic design highlight its best feature I have accounts for exteel or I can create one for you: Apr 8 Intimidate your enemies with the Vigilanta Mechanaught built precisely with massive weapons in mind.


Just started to playcurrently lv4.

Patching updates of various online games. The author does eexteel claim any rights to any of those materials unless otherwise noted. May 19 Funny bat walan ang pinakahihintay at kinaaasaran ng lahat. Clean Accounts — Php Apr 14 I love this game: May 20 If anyone wants to add me, I’m Aoshimaro ingame usually hanging out in Lobby 1.

Exteel –

You just wait for the open beta. XD LOL im still trainee. How do you play exteel brianboy?