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I commend Ashton, she totally snuck all that by me. Nov 27, hayden marked it as own-it-to-read. Sie sind bereits eingeloggt. And he’ll do whatever it takes to bring her back, this time as his queen. Brodi has an active following on her blog, which can be found at www. Book Club Girl book clubs. I did not like this book.

everbound brodi ashton epub

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When the Tunnels came for Nikki, her boyfriend made the ultimate sacrifice and took her place in the Everneath forever. Nikki longs to spend these precious months forgetting the Everneath and trying to reconnect with her boyfriend, Jack, the person most devastated by her everbouhd the one person she loves more than anything.

everbound brodi ashton epub

Cole, however, is convinced that Nikki survived so that she could be his queen evrebound the Underworld. Ashton’s lovely storytelling and strong-on-her-own-terms main character set this one apart. And Nikki should also stop worrying about her sob-story past. Everneath is a captivating story of love, loss, and immortality from debut author Brodi Ashton.

I did not like this book. She’s forced to make the hardest decision of her life: Now she’s returned- zshton her old life, her family, her friends- before being banished back to the underworld Everbound read online free from your Pc or Mobile.


Everneath (eBook, ePUB) von Brodi Ashton – Portofrei bei

Um Ihnen ein brodj Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Cole, the smoldering immortal who first enticed her to the Everneath, has followed Nikki to the mortal world. When the six months are everbound brodi ashton, she was told that scary shade-like things would come and pull her back down to the Everneath.

Klicken Sie auf 2. I guess Jack will always be the one then!!!

Everbound brodi ashton epub

In fact, Nikki still ashhton trouble everbojnd trusting Cole. The biggest problem I had with Nikki was everbound brodi ashton she is inexcusably stupid. Cole wants to take over the throne in the underworld and is convinced Nikki is the key to making it happen. She did not interact with anyone else, and if she did, it was very minimal.

I knew what to expect from this book because it was pretty clear that it was going to be about Nikki trying to save Jack. Create a everbound brodi ashton website or blog at WordPress. I have a feeling that Ms.

everbound brodi ashton epub

Nikki longs to spend these months reconnecting with her boyfriend, Jack, the one person she loves more than anything. She has six months before the Everneath comes to claim her, six months for good-byes she can’t find the words for, six months to find redemption, if it exists. Brodi Ashton Reviewed by Catherine Bakes 4.


everbound brodi ashton epub

Nov 27, hayden marked it as own-it-to-read. Just evrbound Everbound brodi ashton paid by his life, for Eurydice I loved Nikki in this book.


I commend Ashton, she totally snuck all that by me. I was trying sooo hard eerbound make up excuses for him that hearing him just confess and wait to face the music brought me to such an abrupt halt my head was spinning!

Cole, the smoldering immortal who enticed her to the Everneath in the first place, has followed Nikki home. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now she’s returned—to her old life, her family, her boyfriend—before she’s banished back to the underworld.

Everbound (Everneath, #2) by Brodi Ashton – ePub PDF Mobi Books – ucesebooks2

And what another cliffhanger!!! There, I said it. Drawing inspiration from such myths as Osiris, Orpheus, and Persephone, it explores the nature of loss and longing and what it means to be alive. Libraries are advised to buy multiple copies-this one will fly off the shelves.