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I have a request Nitsua Compatible to iPhone 4 6. Can you tweak the phone theme to include the letters on the dialer. Do i need “Preference loader”? Open the “icons” folder of equiX and rename this icons to your language, for e.

equix iphone 4 theme

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But after you are connected on a call and hit the keypad button, it will only show the numbers and not the letters as teme. There my be a conflict with other stuff and I dont see it While Cydia, no doubt, happens to be the best alternative for the iOS, it is not the lone player in contention.

equix iphone 4 theme

Theming is undoubtedly one of the most important attributes of iPhone customization, but the fact that you need to jailbreak your iPhone to customize it makes many people think twice before opting for the same. It s great but i have a lag.

Also, I think there might be an issue with my PerPage. Copyright Mobile Nations Digital Point modules: Hey Blue, this theme is amazing! Thanks for all your amazing themes! Saurik promised me several times a urgent needed Winterboard update, but it never came.


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I couldnt figure out how to install it at first and much worst uninstall the theme since it doesnt show in Cydia. You probably have a not english or german device.

Things you need for your themes, e. It may come as a surprise for many, but the best themes for iPhone available at the Cydia Theme Center are just a part of the large world which also includes iPhone compatible themes from sources like iThemeSky and ThemeIt. I just finished setting up this theme and noticed the font wasn’t lining up right on the dial pad Here is the updated font port. Hope by ReBourne Compatible to iPhone 4 The issue is not about all the icons, im talking specifically about the onces shown themed ex.

equix iphone 4 theme

Blue Master Theme Creator aka Bluemetal. I sell themes at iThemesky better said: Originally Posted by dutchme. Internet Keeps Disconnecting and Equux. Hope it makes it in the next update. I can add a photo if i need to. As far as iPhone themes are concerned, there is something for everybody, and it would be least surprising if you have a tough time trying to figure out which theme is the best.


Can you post a screenshot please? Arranged all icons per instructions.

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Fontme King Of Fonts. Does anyone know of a good colorkeyboard to use with this? Some might be compatible to the 3GS model, but the experience will not be at par with that of the new models. Why is My Iphnoe So Slow? Who Invented the iPod. The other themes I have installed using springjumps dont show this.

equix iphone 4 theme

Have you tried this: How to Set Iphoone a Wireless Bridge. Comes with next version of equiX. With thousands of themes to choose from, you will hardly face any difficulty when it comes to Apple iPhone customization.

Unthemed icons and springjumps and not transparent icons: