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Behind the fields of blood, There’s a haven for us. It hurts, but go right, you are here and came here as a wanderer. Our land and faith are raped, Somehow they’re going to pay. Ensiferum – Hail To The Victor. From the western plains where nature blooms. Thanks to drakus for correcting track 3 lyrics.

ensiferum vandraren

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Across the high northern skies The eldest brother in all his might. No farewells or a note, Like a thief he fled into the night. All greet us when we open the door Familiar faces — “Brothers, it’s been too long” Beer is flowing, the smell of burning meat In the morning battle reigns like hell’s been unleashed!

ensiferum vandraren

It burnt all the trees to ash and reduced them to dust. We have been warned. Wait for the sign; a blood red sky. The wheel of time keeps turning A boy becomes a man. Ensiferum – Unettomaan Aikaan.

Elusive Reaches Protector of the sun arrives with light From the edge of the world to the highest heights.


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Stone Cold Metal 7. He rides fast like a storm wind But the flames in the horizon, Tell there is only death to be found. Bell rings for a lonely soul, it has borrowed the voice ensifsrum death. Ensiferum – One More Magic Potion.

“VANDRAREN” LYRICS by ENSIFERUM: Vandraren har ingen stans

Twilight Tavern We heard that enemies were approaching from the south We marched to face enwiferum, I killed their scout But we were ambushed and slaughtered in ensifferum night We fought so bravely but none were left alive Now I open my eyes and what do I see A rainbow in the moonlight, pipers calling me They say don’t be afraid and asked me to follow You’ve been expected, so forget your sorrow!

Upon a baneful affair of honour.

ensiferum vandraren

Ensiferum – Lost In Despair. Life of an outlaw; the gallows await. Bad discussion posts are subject to removal on any day. Ensiferum – Burning Leaves. Ensiferum – Eternal Wait. Ensiferum – Sword Chant. Dividing walls of stone, Eternal heathen Throne, Beneath the cold starlight. Fridays are text post only Friday is for interesting discussions, not streaming music. Ensiferum – Deathbringer From The Sky.


The sounds of singing, across eternity shall echo. Ensiferum – Lai Lai Hei.

Silvery light of the sea, Sparkles of far beneath. The ageless skies that stand before our eyes, When we’ll be gone they’ll still be flying free.

Ensiferum – I Will Never Kneel. Ensiferum – Last Breath. Does it hurt or want it well, when the count of our destiny.

Vandraren Lyrics

Welcoming our brothers at the break of dawn! As the sun sets behind the mountains peak, The master of the house shouts: All life falls into gorge Of the end of the world! He raises his hand to the skies, “Oh god of thunder, God of my fathers, Strike me down for what I’ve done! Thanks to gilbertthegreebo for correcting track 8 lyrics.