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Destroyer’s Jango with Force Staff. Akasha not using ulti. Pipe being used randomly Fixed: Each buff has two effects: DotA Imba Legends v6.

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Fixed problems with Nature Attendants and Scarabs.

Minor tweak on ganking behaviour. IMBA The term derives from the word “imbalance” which is often used as the jargon of online gaming. This skill allows them imb charge at an enemy, stunning it for 1s; it has a cooldown of 11s. Discuss about anything Legends of DotA related here. Dota ai map free 6. Fixed bug on Tp from air system.

Minor tweak to AI pings, now resembles humans’. Automatically disables AI report missing system after all enemy heroes reached lv11 Dota imba b ai english – Getdota map. Modified Rubick’s itembuild to use skadi instead of aghanim. Added -aiglyph toggle the AI autoglyph. Fixed several bugs and added a new hero. Fixed the following heroes’ AI: AI Buy routine tweak: Added -cneu same function as -cneut Disable with command -aimsg during the game.


Unless a unit has equal or more gold than you do, it cannot kill you. Currently, in most versions of Allstars, the map contains many more heroes and items than does the original DotA, and is updated frequently, which may explain its ongoing popularity.

Your stop, for warcraft 🙂

TexPaste Pastebin for Mathematicians. Tweaked Yurnero’s Healing Ward, its AI now only a single line without trigger, it’ll consistently follow the hero. Blood Meat Hook — Active effect: DotA Imba Legends v6. AI dropping items which can change state e. If a human leader is present, AI will remind humans instead. I’ll update this map from. This command is used to query all the achievements you have imbw.

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Major fix on AI item system. Scroll of town portal routine tweak: Allowed AI to use Stick on same logic. AI Buy routine bug, sometimes item doesn’t add properly. Clockwerk can break free from cog. If you doesn’t give the AI number, then you’ll command all of AI player.


Dota Imba Legends Ai

Newer Post Older Post. Fixed Kaldr’s not recognizing IceBlast order when there are other heroes with same order. Akasha not using ulti.