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SMH sorted and with headings. Click on the following page for background information on Rescale command and unscale program as well educated guesswork on volume ranges that the various indexing programs have been optimised for. Peng, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, , More complicated self calibration of peak positions using Crysfire. By using all the programs, we will then obtain a good idea at the range of possible solutions the data will support. Download Programs What do you want to do? If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to contact the CCP


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Another way is to access to the Crysflre Workshop CD conference text end of part 2, same chapters. You can also change the tolerances and do another round of Best Solution if you wish. Copyright in all its parts is asserted by and reserved by the relevant authors.

Otherwise it runs similarly, except crystire a. At first, try the value recommended by Crysfire in this case 0. As things stand, it’s too easy for a moment’s impatience on the part of the user at this basic choice point to handicap all subsequent work on that sample with a basically null name and description – I really should have had the foresight to protect users from this pitfall.

Now try Chekcell

Tell Crysfire you wish to accept one of the values by typing Tthen select the 1st trial pair by typing 1. Make sure you peruse the following tutorial: QLZ, or that of an. It can read the Crysfire output as well as the McMaille.

The crysfire suite now includes the “unscale” program for helping to solve on large cells using rescaling. But because the stages are independent, if, for example, this were to affect crrysfire orthorhombic stage, it could be worked around by rerunning frysfire that stage deselected the option to select and deselect individual stages is now supported by Crysfure. TOLG influences the radius of convergence of refinements, which may fail to lock on to the best fit if TOLG excludes too many lines in the early stages, so TOLG should not only be based on the expected data accuracy.


Indexing powder patterns, part 2

Type Y for Yes. Be very wary of applying the Self Calibration option; especially if you are confident that the diffractometer is well aligned and the sample well prepared and collected. Create a desktop icon as follows: APL for Appleman program. Using Ton Spek’s Lepage within Chekcell to find super-cells and better trial cell solutions. BAT in the directory containg the program suite.

KOHL defaults unless specified otherwise. Now select the crysrire for peforming a Cell and Spacegroup search noting that the previous sample may have perturned the defaults. Since the description field gets appended to every summary-file solution line, an important opportunity is lost if its contents can’t act as an aide memoire of the characteristics of the particular dataset or dataset variant that was used for that trial solution.

Although DICVOL uses the optimal exhaustive algorithm in parameter space a form of binary searchlike all exhaustive indexing programs it can become very time-consuming in low symmetry.


Crysfire will tell you which programs have been run already based on the present output files. Apart from the addition of several new indexing targets, there are many new features, such as targeted QDAT files, cumulative log and summary files for each dataset, the import of WinFit and XFIT peaksearch files, and much more. Typing Help leads to a help system including the commands that it recognises organised in several different ways.



I’ve edited my batch files and added the path command as I did before, but when I load a dataset and start the run it simply crashes crysfre program before any data is sent to Ito, Dicvol or Treor.

Self calibration now offers a sample displacement correction option as an alternative to the zero of 2Theta. If you expect impurity peaks, decrease the Min Checked Reflection No. After rescaling, Crysfire will crywfire to save the file with an R2 appended to the filename so as to distinguish this from the starting CDT file.

Try to calibrate it by the harmonics method, and then index it. This can become important as SDPD attempts increasingly ambitious structures, even including proteins e. Thus type again check the help if you cannot remember these the SC command for self-calibration. It prefers high standards of data measurement, but is rather more forgiving over impurity lines.

A merit-surface map provides a clearer picture in which the central peak reveals itself as likely to be a physically correct solution because of its narrow and compact cross-section, while others, which are merely pseudo-solutions, are more likely to lie on ridges and other extended features in solution space.

The rescaling technique was the method used by Bob von Dreele and co-workers to help index proteins from crysfkre data.