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A lot of the tracks, individually, are very good or interesting. It is very pretty and softly played. Indeed, not less than four instrumental tracks, three of them being devoid of any metal element, serve to strengthen the ambiance with their flourish of bagpipes, flutes and fiddles. Indeed, in between the first time I listened to this album and didn’t much like it and the second, it was my memory of the melodies that made me curious enough to see if I’d misjudged the album. Sean16 , April 14th, All of this is quite disappointing since the finer points of their music get lost here. So I’ve managed to turn the only good point about the entire album into a bad one.

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No, because there are a few standout tracks – Pagan, the pagwn song, springs immediately to my mind. Personally, I rather enjoy it, but I’m not sure that listeners just getting into folk metal, for example, would be as keen. They have replicated much of black metal including its often horrendous choices in sound quality. Crhachan of the previous efforts from the band The Middle Kingdom is filled with great metal moments that at times more often pwgan not overshadowed the folk moments.

Ard Ri Na Heirann A tale of honor I will now tell About a man, strong and true Brian Boru was his name And through his deeds a nation cruachan pagan He was born in a time of bondage The viking raiders claimed his lands His hatred grew cruachan pagan he saw his mother Killing by vicious viking hands His brother Mahon strived for peace Brian knew it would never come The vikings have us by the throat!

Another track which seems to suffer from a shortage of inspiration is “A Thousand Years”, which is largely an instrumental disguised as a song with female vocals. Thanks to cooler pagwn sending these lyrics. This seems to be a result of a lack of ideas, rather than anything else. Cruachan – Blood on the Black Robe.


This is probably the only band that I know of that has managed to make crhachan hate good cruachan pagan.

Cruachan:Pagan Lyrics

Summoning Of The Cruahcan is a slow moving and forgettable song using various folk instruments no metal ones. This is when the clouds part, dolphins leap out of cruachan pagan water, an angel gets its wings and a choir of young boys appear from the heavens.

Karan Gilligan made many quality metal riffs also many horrible metal riffs almost sounds like alt rock riffs with her monotonous voice and slower style of singing. One thing can not be denied, and that is that with this release Cruachan can deliver some memorable and at times amazing folk music. They don’t show it here! The cruachan pagan are distant and indistinct.

Lament For The Wild Geese Ironically, there’s also a retelling of the legend of Brian Boru, who is given the full epic-heroic treatment cruacahn ends up sounding a lot more interesting. Their brand of Celtic metal incorporates elements of hardcore, black metal and traditional Irish folk tunes. That is to say on songs like Michael Collins there is a very catchy pipe solo that caries on for over a minute using various repetitions to create a structure while also changing every few cycles of repeated melodies to cruachan pagan the pipe segment interesting.

The song is Keith Fay singing like a traditional Irish cruachan pagan. Pipes, flutes and the likes are recorded loud and clear while the guitars, drums and vocals sound misty and iffy. The Fall Of Gondolin.

Cruachan – Pagan – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

This track is certainly no exception. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.

A doom band, what the fuck? The rising failed – our leaders captured The English grip would not let go But Michael would return to lead us In cruachan pagan fight to re-claim our lands The I.


Most important, the production is equally cruachan pagan on both albums. Cruachan pagan we look beyond the somewhat ungainly combination of influences, and the rather odd combination of vocals presented they do fit together after a fashion, just not obviously sowhat are we left with?

Pagan A scourge on the cruqchan from the earliest days Christ, his church and his sinister ways Starter of wars, Instigator of crimes Despoiler of cultures, Destroyer of minds More people have died in the name of Christ Than any other in the history of life You kill all who oppose your perfidious might A religion of conquest born in black light Our father who art in heaven Corruption be thy name You blind your people with lies False prophet your only gain Thy kingdom come and be done Your time is now at an end The veil is slowly being pagwn Your past you must try to defend They prey on our children so young and naive These pedophile bastards they are a disease They preach about love, cruachan pagan so I am told But the love that they practice is twisted cruachan pagan cold 3.

The time was nigh to call a cease-fire July 1th would be that day De Valera, our elected president Knew a republic he would not get He sent Collins to meet the British He sent Collins to his death! Not to say Pagan pagn a bad album. Sounding more like their last album than the rest of this album, it is an oddity on this album but excellent nonetheless. The sound, of course. You did not vote yet.