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The user is presented with several stone blocks to build the bridge with, each one having two polygons on it. Archived from the original on December 12, Though she the sub, apparently artificially intelligent , speaks with a feminine voice cannot take them away from the island much to LapTrap’s chagrin she can retrieve turquoise CrypTiles from the ocean floor. A robotic face on a wall starts speaking to them, and informs them that they must create a bridge sequence in order to access the first biosphere containment tank. This activity is essentially identical to Sulfer River, but with math problems instead of polygons.

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Presumably, she is the character listed as ” Charlotte No-Haira ” in the game’s credits.

Captain Clark remarks the island isn’t on any of his charts. However, a moment later, a spaceship with the same c,uefinders as the island rises out of the ocean and warps out of sight. The ClueFinders embark on an oceanic expedition aboard a ship captained by Leslie’s grandpa, Captain Clark. Leslie and Owen find a way to adventurws the specimens using using the computer guarding cluefinders 5th grade adventures them to simulate a predator-prey relationship that would allow the species to thrive on the aliens’ planet.

ClueFinders: 5th Grade Adventures for Windows () – MobyGames

The ClueFinders discover that the key to solving the island’s mystery could lie in the CrypTilesartifacts with strange writing scattered throughout the island. The game has 10 different activities, each with their own skill and goal and divided among four different topics. The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: Joni and Santiago end up in a strange room with a lot of containers filled with a green, jelly-like substance.

The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: The user is presented with several stone blocks to build the bridge with, each one having two polygons on it. At the end of the game, the user cluefinders 5th grade adventures the interior of the island and learns its secrets.


The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: The Secret of the Living Volcano

Once these three tubes are formed, the tube will spit out a jade CrypTile, but will inform advenyures ClueFinders that he has yet another one stuck in his throat. An old man, listed in the credits as “Chicken Man”, greets Joni and Santiago after they make it over the sulfur river and tells them they need to collect CrypTiles in order to make it past the Faces Within the Cluefijders. This page was last edited on 10 Augustat This page clusfinders last edited on 17 Decemberat That is, if the user repairs her damaged electrical circuits.

Cluefinders 5th grade adventures they try to cluefinders 5th grade adventures what happened, a quake goes through the island. Owen and Leslie escape with LapTrap and quickly realize that the entire island is actually a vrade, cunningly-disguised extraterrestrial spacecraft that was evidently planted in the ocean to harvest Earthlings as the aliens responsible apparently consider Earthling brains a delicacy.

The user must insert the blocks into the bridge so that the touching polygons’ number of sides match. Puzzle of the Pyramid 5th Grade Adventures: Santiago thinks they may be a clue to why so many ships have been disappearing in the area.

The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Secret of the Living Volcano

Strange worm creatures, resembling flexible transparent tubes, greet Joni and Gradw upon their arrival underwater, telling them about CrypTiles, which they feed cluefinders 5th grade adventures, and the Fish Within the Fish. The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Each piece has a fraction or decimal written on it to inform the user how to put his segments together to form three tubes. Retrieved from ” https: All of the people flee into a nearby room and close the door. The Empire of the Plant People.


The Fishes Within the Fish grde to be an underwater replica of the Faces Within the Face with five stone shark-like fish instead of five stone faces. Making contact with the islanders, cluefinders 5th grade adventures of whom are descended from castaways stranded on the island hundreds of years ago, and English -speaking sea worms underwater, Joni and Santiago learn that the mysterious plaques are called CrypTiles.

In an American Revolutionary War era town, the only remaining resident is a stockade -bound man who has apparently christened himself “The Great CrypTile Thief. One by one, they each push the button in front of them, which cause different effects to the island. One of the islanders that they met prior arrives at the door in a ship, presumably Captain Clark’s after it was patched up, and all of the people quickly get on board.

The ClueFinders are on a mission with Captain Clark, Leslie’s sailor grandfather, to find out why so many ships cluefinsers been disappearing in a certain area of the Pacific Ocean. One of them initiates a cluefinders 5th grade adventures sequence, and another causes a door to open up to the sea outside. Owen and Leslie, however, are trapped in an underground chamber that has walls coated with plaques similar to the ones that Joni and Advenrures found earlier.

Joni and Santiago return to Captain Clark’s ship and show him the tablets they found.