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You can follow our ultimate backup guide. What should I do to get it work? We will contact you directly via support email. Using that filter you can select all contacts without number and you can set it to contact group which is not synchronized to your phone. All i want to know is once i have synchronized the data on my phone, can i delete the app? Unknown October 6, at 7:

cloudfone thrill 430x firmware

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Android Jelly Bean Update for Cloudfone Thrill x |

It is supported, please check our guide https: I needed SMS backups. Android OS in your phone has several contacts databases and when you are setting PhoneCopy username and password there you can choose which contact database you want to synchronize.

As premium user, you can show thrkll changes of each contact look for the clock icon on contact edit screen.

This component is used e. Hi, what do you mean “auto sync worked incorreclty”?

I’m trying to get hotmail contacts from my computer to my samsung galaxy ace-4 lite. Sometimes app cannot detect empty contact database. We can offer for synchronization only accessible data. First time sync will be “slow sync” and another one should be already “fast sync”.


Hi, sorry, but currently we don’t synchronize Call Logs. I don’t want to delete them from my phone but they send me over the limit for phonecopy The first time it worked and I had all my more or less contacts on both phones.

cloudfone thrill 430x firmware

Cloudfine your help here. Yes it is free application. Can you more specify which kind of problems? Mario Obena January 24, at 3: Can i restore this back up into my phone again? Please tell me procedure. How can i sync those on to my new phone. I haven’t used Phone Copy before. It is general settings of your android phone.

I am trying to login through Gmail or Playstore. I wish to change mobile phone and I am desperate. I deleted 2 devices, still getting the same failure message, “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago.

cloudfone thrill 430x firmware

Yes, please check following link: To leave a comment please sign in. We don’t see any error message which seems to be related to communication problem of your phone. Recently i lost my old phone samsung galaxy s3 so today i tried to synchronize the contacts from phone copy server to a my new phone Motorolla Droid Razor Firkware when I try syncronizing, it gives an error message “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago”. One of the said option will surely work on Cloudfone Thrill x.


CloudFone Thrill 430x – secret codes.

YOU may email me also Sorry, we can’t help you. I did an undelete so firmwxre least that worked Anybody? Then you will see three buttons. We provide contacts backup, synchronization and transfer only.