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Dream Groups, Courses & Lectures

Dream Groups & Classes are held in Sydney, Australia. New courses begin on a regular basis.  For dates, location and costs please phone Craig on 0414 588 885 or register here.

The Way of the Dream

8 Week Introductory Course

Craig Jarman has been running The Way of the Dream Introductory Course since 1990. The course is designed to introduce participants to both the practice and theory of dream analysis.
Each week covers a particular area of dream psychology and/or symbolism. Each class of two hours includes both a theorectical and practical component.
Participants are invited to present a dream before the group for interpretation. In this way both the individual and the group gain a deeper understanding of the process of dream analysis.

Class Topics

Exploration of the purpose of dreams and the many approaches to dream analysis. Techniques to enhance dream recall. A methodology for working with dreams is also presented.

Jung’s theory and discoveries
The Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, was a pioneer in the study of dreams. This class explores the fundamental principles of Jungian psychology and how they apply to the study and interpretation of dreams.

The Shadow
The shadow figure typically makes its appearance early on in the exploration of one’s dreams. The shadow is all that has been left behind during one’s psychological growth and represents a raw and primitive aspect of one’s self. At the same time the shadow represents a bridge to one’s fuller Self – acting as a guide on the journey toward wholeness. This class explores how the shadow figure may be recognised and befriended.

The Anima

The anima is Jung’s term for the feminine set of principles and psychological traits. This class explores the figure of the Mother, the Lover, Amazon and Priestess. Participants are encouraged to investigate which of these figures have been developed and which remain untapped.

The Animus

The animus is the masculine and generally takes the form of the Warrior, the Father, the Puer (boy) and the Priest. Again participants are asked to identify which of these psychological figures have been developed and which remain unconscious.

Animal Symbolism

The appearance of animals in dreams is highly significant – signalling that a major force is being tapped or grappled with. This class explores the symbolism of such animal figures as the horse, the snake, birds, fish, bears, dogs, cats and any other animal that the group chooses to discuss.

Landscape Symbolism

A dream will always have a setting. Sometimes we find ourselves in such places as the city, sometimes in the country, jungle, forest, desert, seaside, indoors or outdoors. The setting of the dream helps to identify where in life the message of the dream is focussed.

Dream Situations

In the dream we typically find ourselves in a particular situation. We may be running from someone, at work, in amorous embrace, lost, driving, walking, flying etc. This class provides a guideline as to how to interpret the activity in the dream.

Archetypal Themes

Our psychological growth follows many well trodden patterns of development. These patterns are reflected in myth and fairytales. The phases of the individuation process will be reviewed in light of  the story of Arthur and Merlin, the Zen Ox Herding Pictures and the various stages of the alchemical process.

Dream Groups

Upon completing the eight week course participants have the option of continuing with the study of their dreams through the dream groups. In the dream group participants are invited to share their dreams with others as well as assist in the interpretation of dreams. The dream groups continue for an indefinite period of time and represent a means by which one may continue with their journey by way of the dream.


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  1. Alistair

    Does this course run on-line through a chat room, or is it strictly person-participation?

    Thank You.

  2. cjarman66

    Currently I only run the course out of Sydney, but I had a few requests to teach online. there are actually 4 courses in total the one listed above is the introductory course which is the best place to begin.

    So I’ll possibly make a online course available in the next few months. There’s an interactive element to the course which may be addressed using a discussion forum.


    1. Elaine Wade

      I, too, would be very interested in an online course and I may know one or two of my friends who would be also. Please let me know.
      Thanks, so much!

      1. David Yeoman

        Hello there. I would definitely be interested in such an online course as well if it ever happened.


    2. Darryn Norman

      Please advise when the online course become’s available.

  3. Kerran

    Hello, I would be very interested myself to do the course online as I am in adelaide. If you can make this available onilne I will defintly do it. Thanks Kerran

  4. K

    Hello, I live in Sydney and am interested in finding out the dates and costs of this course. If you could please email me this info I would appreciate it. Cheers.

  5. Patricia Tonielli

    I would be interested as well and I’m located in the USA. A friend of mine is involved in something similar and her group meets by way of conference call. There are people from all over that participate in her group. It’s more personal than the internet. Please let me know if you plan to research this idea. Thanks, Pat

  6. Lauryl Megahan

    Hello, I live in Fond du Lac Wisconsin USA and would LOVE to come to Sydney, but it is out of the financial picture! I would love to attend an online course, however. I dream every night and virtually every time I take a nap for that matter. I know they mean something, but the books I have are useless. HELP!

  7. Sonia

    Hi Craig,

    I too live in Sydney and would love to attend your course.

    Are you able to email me dates/times/cost?

    Many thanks,

    1. cjarman66

      Hi Sonia

      There is an ongoing dream group on Sundays, 1:30pm. The cost is $30 per class.

      I will also add you to the list for new set courses.



  8. Joy Bye

    I am interested in going to the dream workshop. i live in southern sydney and would like information and cost. thanks Joy Bye

  9. Jenny Lewis

    Hi Craig. I think the phone number you’ve got listed isn’t complete. Anyway, just wondered if you could could tell me when the next beginners course starts.

    Jenny Lewis

  10. Keren

    Hi Craig,

    I too would be interested in an on-line course as I live in Sardinia and don’t have plans to travel to Sydney any time soon.

    Thanks, Keren

  11. Mack

    Hi I live in Sydney . Could you please email me details of upcoming courses and costs
    Many thanks

  12. Linda Dorsey

    Hi Craig, I reside in Southern California and am interested if you decide to run an online class.

    Thank you

    1. cjarman66

      Will do. The thing about studying dreams is that you learn best by (in order):
      1. Working on your own dreams
      2. Witnessing and participating in the interpretation of others dreams
      3. Studying symbolism
      4. Studying archetypal psychology

      With the online course my aim will be to emphasise the practical component by through private discussion forum that is focussed on actual dreams.

  13. Sonia

    Hi Craig,

    When are you running the next 8 Week Introductory Course ‘The way of the dream’? What are time/day/cost?


  14. Natalia

    Hi Craig,

    would you like to ad me to the mailing list – I would be very interested in taking the next 8 week course. Thanks!

    1. cjarman66

      For the next courses or groups, these are managed through


  15. Rebecca Atherton


    I am interested in studying dream analysis and curious about your course. Do you receive a certificate at the end of it? Is it accredited? Or is it more of a personal journey and designed to be more like taking a class learning to paint?

    Also, what are the costs and course dates?


    1. cjarman66

      The course is not accredited per se. So yes more like learning to paint. If you’re meant to be a dream analyst your dreams will guide you down that path.

  16. Rebecca Atherton

    And where are you based? Are you in central Sydney or further away?

    Thanks Rebecca

    1. cjarman66

      Inner West, Hunters Hill.

  17. SHaron

    Hi Craig
    I live in Perth WA and would be interested in the online program when it becomes available please
    Cheers SHaron

  18. Carolyn Harmon

    Please include me in the on-line class consideration. Thank you!

    1. cjarman66

      Will do.

  19. Marilyn

    I am interested in knowing where and when the new introductory course is beginning

    1. cjarman66

      Hi Marilyn, are you interested in the online course or in person course in Sydney, Australia?

  20. Craig

    Hi Craig

    When are you running the next 8 Week Introductory Course ‘The way of the dream’? Do you have any further details, dates, times, cost also any further info regarding an earlier response “that there were 4 courses in total as this is just the beginning course” would be appreciated!


    1. cjarman66

      Next group is in Sydney starting March 3. See

  21. Craig

    Thanks for the update Craig, I would be enormously grateful if you could provide me with your contact number so I can call you to have a brief chat. The one above seems to be un-contactable!

    With thanks

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