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Is it a good dvd, are the tricks worth it, etc. When he starts teaching you the trick, he doesn’t rush through it. I might use this in the right situation. I will try this at the right gig not a repeat strollers item, better a ‘tables’ or street effect. I would prefer to cut down on the number of times the card jumps.

calen morelli function 9

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I will try this at the right gig not a repeat strollers item, better a ‘tables’ or street effect.

calen morelli function 9

Morelli is one to look out for in the future for sure. Just placed an order for this set of DVDs. I wasn’t wild about this one.

function (9) by Calen Morelli Detailed Review

Calen Morelli’s brand of viral magic has made him an internet sensation garnering millions of views, likes, and shares. The card effects are the strongest point, the effects where the card end up under your shoe is my favorite from this DVD.

An easy way I have found to remove this risk is to ask the spectator to cover the phone between both hands.


Do you already have an account? Feb 19, View morellli Frequent Questions. Calen makes learning these effects easy for beginners and pros alike.

calen morelli function 9

I like his sunglasses appearance, really cool. Good DVD so far. The only concern is that I live in Turkey and am scared if I cannot find any of the items that are required for preparing the tricks in the area I live. This one had a good setting in Studio 35 and relatively great camera work. Transit, Transport and the bonuscalrn Pen in Bottle falen definitely routines I will put my time into and perform. His break out success has also led him to become the face and hands of a series You will in no way be disappointed with your purchase, as it pays off with these nine great effects.

You must log in or sign up to post here. But most of the effects seemed sort of meh to me. He gives pointers abou the trick when he’s done teaching you how it’s done, and the best part, the tricks are great!

A special thanks to strat for the flair images. This is an inspirational DVD.

Calen Morelli magic – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

But that is what he can improve if he creates another DVD. Shanlip Regular user Mordlli Posts. Share This Page Tweet. But that’s just the start. The bottle effects suffers as you can’t give away the bottle.


And I think this is the type of trick that spectators want to check out. I might use this in the right situation. The other one is a twist on a Paul Harris effect, adapted to the street.

And yes not all effects are realy powerfull. Of course you might give out the pen mroelli inspection before, and hope people believe it’s the same pen.

calen morelli function 9

The effects are visual, the tutorials are explicit and in depth. Looking at just the trailer wouldn’t get me to buy this DVD. If you want to post articles, effects, videos, or links that you created, we ask that you are a contributing member of this community.