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Mihlali Dante Maninjwa “This jam used to give me goosebumps n in it still does that. MissLindo Sindane “One house track I will never get over All copyrights remain with their owner. Thanks to Busi Mhlongo for her musical legacy. KG Ndlovu “thini sizwe ma africa. What we are saying, us, our nation , we are might be “we aren’t laughing when we say this- Our hisses are failing, in Africa we are killing eachother like this In addition, this post presents some information about South Africa’s Maskandi music genre.

busi mhlongo izizwe

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pancocojams: Busi Mhlongo – Izizwe (a South African song promoting an end to xenophobia)

Top Songs See All. Released by the Dutch label Munich mhlnogoMhlongo’s debut album, Barbentu, was reissued internationally by Stern’s two years later. We Baba Omncane in the Mix. I even went to her Live perfomance in Grahamstown in I am izizwe to you and you are izizwe to me.

Maskandi happens to be the 2nd top bjsi genre in South Africa, after Gospel music. Edited by Azizi Powell This mhlonggo post showcases a video of a live performance of South African singer and songwriter Busi Mhlongo singing her Maskandi song “Izizwe”. It is the music of the man who sings of his real life experiences, his daily joys and sorrows, his observations of the world. According to some of these commenters, the song “Izizwe” promotes the end of xenophobia in South Africa.


It’s about this story, for the homeowners”. While maskandi and gospel address similar themes of yearning for a better life and overcoming hardship, they are stylistically not related.

Black Coffee can make you to be well known by ppl especial youth just like mamu uBusi, i know her because of Black Coffee nd. The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes. These comments are given in chronological order based on the year that they were published, with the nhlongo comments given first except for replies. Cameras by Dick Jewell and Marcus Conway.

Zama Lunga “Very powerful, I love the messages her songs hold Your music will always teach us Ubuntu” -snip- Here’s information about the Bantu word “ubuntu” from https: Visitor comments are welcome. Black Coffee introduced her into dis House music.

busi mhlongo izizwe

Information about Busi Mhlongo is also included in this post along with selected comments from the discussion threads of these examples. BlackCoffee feat Busi Mhlongo – Izizwe [sound file] audrey ndaba, Published on May 28, i like the message in this song, its so coherent with wats going on in S. Mabuda Yanga Romeo “Piont5 you am sure u made mam’ubusi proud with this, may her soul rest in peace, its point5 baby and thats wats up!!!!!!!


Perhaps a more accurate translation of the second sentence is “Reduce your hate in Africa and stop killing each other.

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Shireen Mzizi “yeah thats more like it Posted by Azizi Powell at He began his career around [1] and has released five albums[2] as well mhlonbo a live DVD under his Johannesburg-based record label, Soulistic Music.

All copyrights remain with their owner. Indiza – Voyages Through New Sounds.

busi mhlongo izizwe

I have been listening to this ever since it existed and it’s been so many years, nearly a decade if i am not mistaken and i still think it’s my fav track by BC. WeBaba Culoe de Song Remix. Newer Post Older Post Home. Balushi Sekele “this is the one. Bucking izizzwe trend was the late Busi Mhlongo, whose last album Amakholwa explored the connection between maskandi and faith, drawing on gospel, rock and funk influences.

Izizwe (Heavy K Mix) Lyrics

Veronica Vilakazi “It ain’t a set if you haven’t played this song! N1nG1nJ3r “Ngingumuntu omhlophe kodwa ngifunda isizulu esikoleni sami.

MissLindo Sindane “One house track I will never get over