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I wanted to win over you with their support. I must also settle here some day like you, uncle. That’s why I drink every night. Where can I get a scapegoat immediately? You invited him here and then ordered goons to beat him, yet he’s amongst us with an unfading smile, that is greatness, brother-in-law.

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Whose guest you are there? Why did you elope? Why would she be here? Why is he countering me?

I wish we have Subtitles for Shakthi Movie – NTR Jr. – Nandamuri Fans Discussion Board

How can you brindaavanam subtitles so discouraging? You stood by him in everything but he fears you’ll not support his love. I know it’s little difficult, brother. Grandson, don’t take it your heart. Why are you getting down in this village? The rotating earth wants to rotate round you I think Hindi dubbed would be good though, for Norht Indian audiences.


Why are you talking me down? They’re not bothered about anyone brindaavanam subtitles their one-upmanship tussle.

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Brindaavanam subtitles where are you boy? My mother died two years after I was born. I’m becoming you for you now, my dear Brother, that’s an imported watch. What are you looking at? I must like you. Man with sharp brain Pick up the phone! You made me realise that I’m his world. Because if we fire him, he’s confident of earning livelihood by working elsewhere if not here, uncle.

Brindaavanam subtitles telling you don’t do it. But this trust has shown me what I’ve lost in beindaavanam life. But you want your father to stop this marriage. Please don’t take it to your heart. Did you see uncle? Hot youth never cares anyone We would’ve killed her by now. Becoming his support or hurdle is in your hands now.


He has raised him like a tiger.

How dare he’s getting down here! Though I hate you so much, aren’t you ashamed to hang out here still? Are you sending us marrying off?

Hey boy, it’s our day, take chances