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Safematic high vacuum coater. Carbon coating Safematic high vacuum coater. Importing 3D datasets obtained from other devices such as AFM ask for supported machines and formats. Carbon tabs and tapes. The results are obtained irrespective of the SEM magnification providing metrology at macro and micro levels We can setup an account on the Alicona web site for the evaluation. Specimen storage Vacuum storage containers.

alicona mex software

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RMC advanced substrate holder.

Alicona MeX: 3D measurement software for SEM |

Volume Analysis Volume analysis calculates the volume of voids and protrusions. Applications Products About us Webinars News. Increased productivity with collaborative measurement system. Using the measurement capabilities of MeX these faults can be analysed and the source of the defect traced.

Carbon alicoha and tapes – super smooth. Publication Are your cutting tools competitive?

Alicona MeX: 3D measurement software for SEM

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Attention Existing MeX Customers! The main component of the system is a precision optics containing various lens systems that can be equipped with different objectives, allowing measurements with different resolution.


See all User Cases. Mixers, stirrers and hotplates.

alicona mex software

Travel and accommodation alicoja are excluded. Plastic storage boxes and tubes. The performance of MeX has been proved by many customers in leading companies and universities throughout the world providing imaging and analysis previously unobtainable with SEM images.

alicona mex software

Using stereoscopic images the software automatically retrieves 3D information and presents a highly accurate, robust and dense 3D dataset which is then used to perform traceable metrology examination.

All measurements are traceable, can be calibrated and conform to ISO standards. The “Real3D” technology allows the component’s visualization from different angles plus a measurement of contour, difference to e. Sticky cleaning swabs – ESD safe. This leads to a numerical evaluation independent from any subjective point of view, providing rapid and understandable mfx data slicona interpretation.

MeX | Alicona – Optical 3D Measurement Technology

The 3D measurement capabilities provide robust and accurate results on properties such as fracture and compression strength, notch bar impact value or creep strength. Alumina coated evaporation sources. For the visual representation of the surface a grey scale or pseudo colored depth map can be used. The modular design of the package allows flexibility in use; it also permits users, with a single repetitive task to perform, to purchase modules according to requirements.


The ease of use of MeX, with its intuitive graphical interface, has enabled the quick and simple measurement of the required parameters. The volume is determined throughout the computation of a soap film model. Silicon wafers and supports. The analysis modules allow measurement of profile, roughness, area, volume and height.

alicona mex software

MeX Requirements pdf format. We can setup an account on the Alicona web site for the evaluation. Skip to main content.

The user defines a path on the optical image and receives the corresponding 3D profile. Mica discs and sheets. Volume analysis calculates the volume of voids and protrusions.

Optical measurements during serial production in