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When you’re working on an Africando album, do you prefer to record the artists in a Paris studio or get most of the work done back in Africa? Archived from the original on This new constellation led to the new name Africando All Stars. I’ve always been a great believer in producing artists from different countries, so rather than just concentrating on Senegal, I went out and discovered new talent in Mali, Congo, Guinea, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast. In fact, we managed to sell over , copies of the second Africando album in the States!

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The first two albums were a big success in Africa and in the World Music scene. The new Africando compilation has sold really well in Dakar.

Released in France as Betece Live! It really peaked over here in the 80s, but the 90s proved to be a much tougher decade for African artists trying to make their name in France. Some of the musicians initially involved were: Well, I came up with the idea really. With both approaches, Africando has been equally successful.

Beteve new constellation led to africando betece new name Africando All Stars. Right now it’s selling really well in Mali, Guinea and Benin.

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You brought out the first Africando album, Trovadorin and since then the Africando story has gone from strength to strength. From Afrixando, the africando betece encyclopedia. Out of the 13 tracks africando betece the new album there are four covers: Betecethe fifth ‘Africando’ album to date, features a mix of infectious Latino rhythms and an impressive list of African guest stars to boot.


Three years later I returned to France and started producing artists over here.

RFI Musique – – Africando

When I started out in the record business, I only bdtece artists from Senegal, but over the years I opened up to other African countries and started producing music from Cap Verde and the Congo as well as reggae star Alpha Blondy. When did you decide to base yourself in France? When I started out in the record business friends asked me why I didn’t get involved with producing Africando betece music. Then, once we’d wrapped that up, I flew out to New York with the tapes, wiped off the piano accompaniment and recorded the Latin Arricando musicians live afircando the top of the vocals.

We sell really well over there. Archived from the original on Salsa has been a hugely popular style in Central and West Africa since the ss, and the goal of Africando betece was to merge salsa rhythms from both sides of the Atlantic, mainly based on the African salsa tradition.

Betece – Africando | Shazam

Musicians from other African countries were later included under the name Africando All Stars. The new Africando album was actually recorded between studios in Africa, Paris and Aafricando York, wasn’t it? This page africando betece last edited on 25 Januaryat This time round we worked differently to the way we did on the last four Africando albums.


I’ve been a big fan of Cuban music since way back.

And one day I thought, “OK, why not? But in I decided it was time to branch out on my own and launched a solo career.

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Anyway, we’ve already got the tracks recorded for the next Africando album, which we hope will come out in about two years’ time. I started building up my own record collection during my africando betece days in France. Discography [ edit ] Albums Volume 1: Malajube tone down their act.

Retrieved from ” https: Whilst in the beginning, the songs were Latin American classics sung in wolof language or a mix of wolof and Spanishafricando betece songs were African popular music classics, redone with Latin rhythms and instrumentation. After that I went back to Senegal, set myself up with a couple of partners and went into the production business.