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MyTopFiles – Search results – dota ai map. Map Dota ai test. Release the AI Map were so excited for 6. Relmm , Oct 23, Fixed Buyback wasting gold if no hero choosen; Hero no longer receives experience for a kill if dies first DotA d map includes all the official patches made in DotA 2 b as listed below.

6.76 ai dota

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DotA c AI Map Download – My files – File Catalog – Personal site

Free Download Map Dota b test. Glad to see these threads coming back. Dota c ai map is going to be the next big thing after official map. Make a version were AI are gone harder to beat.

Dota archive: all AI, 6v6 & OMG/LOD Maps

I’am very conficued here,can someone tell me whats going on?? Thank you DotA “Nothing Compares”. Also wish you the best of luck and the death of the bugs.

DotA c AI Map download hack.

Dota 6.76c AI Eng download

Game modes are a set of restrictions within which the game of Dota 2 Players lose one gold per second if they haven’t picked a hero after the.


Leerzej14Oct 24, Care to read his statement?

I am SO psyched-out and thrilled for the next AI release. IceFrog needs to remake the new heroes: Note that this and the other map archive may be moved to DM at some point, since this isn’t strictly mech-related, but I’ll leave them here for now so people have a chance to see them here. MyTopFiles – Search results – dota ai map. We’ll update this post with official AI map as soon it comes out.

DotA vc AI Eng Map Download (Un-Official) | Warcraft 3 Maps | WC3 Map Direct Download

Sebenarnya, Map Dota ini tidak terlalu berbeda dengan Map Dota AI yang pernah saya share, doga hanya, mapnya di ganti menjadi bernuansa natal.

I wonder how many years I’ve left dota. Each cleared camp spawns a gift which sends random items to a random hero on the map. I am tired of waiting. We still should give thanks to dlta Developer of the Version. Log in or Sign up. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Fixed swapping costing you an extra gold if you swap after repicking.

6.76 ai dota

If you can’t see the map in the list when creating, it is probably because the path of the map is too long.


As for maps newer of 6. Free download Dota ai map.

6.76 ai dota

Release the AI Map were so excited for 6. With updated Swordigo Hack you will have just fun. I created my playdota 67.6 just to download those maps Dota b Ai Fun Vc Map is released and now ready for downloads.

Hello Good Day im getting bored so i created this simple map to have an easy gold hack just simple download my file bellow then in the game. Ported to the latest DotA test. Please before November release that 6. Hello and welcome to the brand new home for PlayDota!

Hoping that still we will receive the official map.