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September Learn how and when to remove this template message. He had a very difficult childhood growing up in Hamburger Plattenbauten. Retrieved from ” https: In October , he was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for robbery theft. His third album Unikat and his first after leaving Strassenbande released in reached number 7 on the German Albums Chart.

187ers sampler 2

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187ers sampler 2

His artistic name Gzuz comes from Ghetto Zeug unzensiert zusammen. A few years later, he met Bonez MC again and was incorporated in Strassenbande.

187 Strassenbande

Real name Timo Molloisch born on 26 October By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Starting initially as a hip hop graffiti crew, it developed into a street band as a collaboration between many rappers mainly from Hamburg. It topped the German Albums Chart.

In Sa4 released his mixtape Undercover. Gzuz, a rapper in the band was jailed for 3 years prompting the band organizing the Free Gzuz Tour. He announced his separation from the band on June 14, Like most member outputs of Strassenbande, his style is gangsta rap and street rap talking about crime on Hamburg streets.

Strassenbande – Wikipedia

He was close to Maxwell another member of Strassenbande and in he released a collaborative album Obststand with Maxwell making it to number 5 on the German Album Chart. While in Strassenbande, he pursued a solo career and in together with rapper Said, he had his first EP Jib followed two years later by the debut album Moshroom.


Together with LX, he was nominated at the Echoverleihung awards in as “Best newcomer”. Less than a month after the release of the album, LX was arrested and charged with several violent crimes and sentenced to 22 months in prison, before being released after serving only samler part of his jail sentence. Retrieved from ” https: AchtVier rapper, until Mosh36 rap, until Hasuna rapper, until Together with Maxwell, he was nominated at the Echoverleihung awards in as “Best newcomer”.

Born as Alexander Sajpler in Hamburg on 3 September Born as Anton Kolja Pehrs in Hamburg.

German hip hop groups Gangsta rap groups German rappers Musical groups established in His uncle plays guitar in the English band The Stranglers. The formation is considered part of the Gangsta rap movement in Germany. He left the band in In addition to membership in Strassenbande, in he appeared on his own label Toprott Muzik with his solo album Krampfhaft kriminell followed in with the EP Kontra K.


He started rapping in eventually joining Strassenbande debuting with the third sampler of the group after being picked by Bonez MC. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Other members included AchtVier, Hasuna and Mosh36 who left for various reasons between and Views Read Edit View history.

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Strassenbande | Sampler 3 + Bonus Tracks by lftkv | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The same year, Gzuz released his solo album Ebbe und Flut. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In he released his second album Wohlstand in making it to the Top 18ers in the German Albums Chart.

187ers sampler 2

InMaxwell and LX released their joint Obststand. However he could not attend the celebrations because he did not get a clearance for the event. Left the band in Retrieved 20 September